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sorry... my bad...!!! the reason it wasnt working was because my housemate was playing competitive league and it caused our internet to shit out and corrupted my downloads :\ hahha.

hi! i think there might be a problem with the files? i've switched computers a couple of times, and restarted, and redownloaded but i still can't open the files. if there's a different place you'd like me to contact you, please let me know!

im super in love with this game!! ive only played the demo so far but im really impressed with how it feels like a very well crafted experience. the straight forward writing works with the simple, clean style of the cgs/sprites and ive always been really impressed with polished games like this. ill definitely be buying a version of it asap!

i am loving this!! piper and january are my favorites right now and i can't wait to play their full routes!! i love the art style and how funny seer is!!