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No problem, I LOVE platformer games. Also, yes, having the jump mapped to the W/up key would be great!

Honestly a very bizarre experience(in a good way) lol Like, I got a huge nostalgia rush playing the beginning, and then the twist of this being a weird world, and then the horror elements start to show up. Really great game!

Ill say, this was a very cute and fun little platformer game. My only complain is that the shooting was mapped to the mouse, while the jump was on the spacebar. Still, I enjoyed it, good job!

Im gonna need you to make more levels!! I absolutely loved this!! The art is really cute, the music was sooo pleasing and chill, and the gameplay was absolutely fantastic! Great Job!

I really like the gameplay, but the art is just on a whole new level! I rarely play H games, but this one takes the cake! Really good stuff!

Congratulations on your release!!! Really fun, cute, and addictive game!! :D

I love this so much, it looks beautiful!

Very nice!

Good stuff, I really like this tileset!

I absolutely loved this game. I am very fond of retro pixel games and this one nailed it!!! Good job! Controls were very responsive and smooth, art was amazing, music and SFX were really well chosen. Big thumbs up!

Pretty awesome game! I loved it! Good luck on the game jam!

AWESOME!! I love legos, and this was a really neat game!!

Really nice game, I loved it!!