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Hello, developer.

When we put textures on the particles, we found that we couldn't resize the particles using redius in the particles box.

It would be nice if we could use texture to adjust the size of the particles to a more random value.

And can you tell me when we can get the next improved version?

Hello, developer.

I found that the texture image used in the particle was aligned with the pivot point when I saved and recalled the project.

When we changed the canvas size, we found a ui error.

The error does not occur in 400x400 size and any other size settings will result in an error that violates the other ui in the background.

Corrected the problem.

Thank you.

No, I'm downloading it through the link you gave me after purchasing.

only in new versions. and i using win10

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 win  and it happens  always

Hello, developer.

Since I received the new version, I found that export to Gif is impossible.
The result is not available even when exported with gif. 

*png gives out export results.

Hello, developer.

Once again, the translator asks questions and the grammar may be strange. 
Please excuse me.


Follow the interactive video for the link and export the results as gif 

The coordinate value of the result is strange.

save window

Hello, developer.

Do you have any plans to open a storage window when you exit the program in the next version?

Thank you very much for adding us to the video. I'm glad I bought the tool. I will introduce many pixel Fx designers to the company where I work with students. 

Thank you again for developing such a wonderful tool.

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I wanted this program to transform work within the unity. Could you support the unit prefabs during the export later?

p.s : Could you create a pop-up that asks you to save when you exit the program

If not right now, do you have any plans to someday make the Unity compatible with pixel FX designers?

I think this is going to be very helpful for so many other developers.

Hello, developer.

Maybe I'll be talking to you on a translator. 
Please understand the awkward sentences in between. 

First of all, thank you for creating a really cool graphics tool.

Could you please upload more of the tutorial videos? I tried to imitate the nicer FX on my homepage, but I am failing.