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I wished you would have implemented the rewind movement for the player itself, cause I fell into the void and I fell, and kept falling, and falling... and falling. xD

But jokes aside, I liked the concept of the inertia jumps, I wished you had more time to develop a longer level. Keep it up!

I LOVED the art, quedó espectacular. Y entiendo perfectamente el time constraint to develop it, but here are a few notes:

- No instructions were found, neither a button to exit the game.

- The story does not tell you  much. Estaba un poco perdidito con relación a por qué los tocadiscos me llevaban a otras áreas de la mansión. Maybe you could have added to the story by adding pieces of texts here a there (maybe as the character´s thoughts) that could keep the player interested.

- Sound effects play a special role in games; they make it clear that you get hurt when falling, or teletransported when using the phonograph.

But overall: Buen trabajo! Keep up the good work!

I do not know if it was meant to be that difficult, or if the code needs some tweaks, but when the computer was charging the bar on top moved faster, and when unplugged the pointer moves really slow. I could not finish it after half an hour of trying because I got too frustrated. I do not know if moving code from Update() to FixedUpdate() could fix this NVIDIA Battery Boost system, or if the pointer movement could also be related to my screen size (1920x1080). I wish I could be of more help, sorry guys.

But overall I loved the concept and the mechanics, and I am looking forward to play it if it gets fixed in the future. Keep up the good work!!

I know right :(( we wished we could have had enough noob-time to implement it, hehe.

Thank you so much for your comment! <3

Loved it!

Loved it!

Hey there! If I may, here are a few suggestions:

When defeated in combat, make sure time is reset to normal. This makes the player restart the player in slow motion until the first fight is done again.

Currently there is no way to quit the game or letting the player now how to do it.

As for the rest, I did really enjoyed this piece of art! Keep up the good work!