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has permanent giant boob/ penis size been added yet

Will community features that haven't been voted in the polls be added in the future? or maybe be available in the next community poll?

Alright, thanks for replying.  One more thing though, will it be possible to wear clothes with mega sizes or not?

Do you think that by version 60 - 65 mega sizes will be added? (it's totally understandable if you don't know btw)

Can you make one last update  where you add more urethral content? like if you have the futa with the bigger penis you can get fucked in the urethra by certain enemies if you press S with full lust or something like that.

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You should do that with the penis too.  Also is there any way to keep the third size? (the one with the veiny penis, open nipples ecc.) and if not could you implement a way to get that? 

To clarify i know that the more birth xp you get with  a body part the bigger it gets but i have 30 penis birth xp and i'm still at the second level of size.

i'm stuck at one of the bosses and can't progress so i need gold to upgrade my damage.

Is there anything to do with her besides fuck? is there anything in the game already or not yet?

Can you get megaboobs and megacock permanently or is it only possible in bad end

Could you give the option to keep the body parts enlarged in the future?

you do know hermaphrodites and transgender girls are not the same right?

Pls indivi i need help, i tried buying the Refinery at apps central in the UNA Mall but the guy at the counter keeps telling me that apps stands for appliances and doesn't actually sell me anything.