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Also, Knight's Family Jewels get triggered on that event

Game crashes when peeping on progeny at Rabbit's

If it has any influence, here are progeny races: Wyvern female + Mouse male

In v0.16.7 movement speed gets cut to half or 1/3 at random. It often happens in Church of Conquest, but I have seen in different places, too. Seems to be triggered after talking to NPC, but not with 100% chance. The only way to fix it is to exit location to outside map.

Anyone found the answer? Is the quest unfinished or am I missing something?

Is there any way to bang a Progeny? Or can they only bang each other, at Rabbit's?  

Towerfag, do you have any dedicated bug report thread/email/any place?

In the meanwhile I will just post here.  v0.16.5:

- Slime port. Dialog about going to Cat Reign. At some point it asks if I want to go to Slime Reign, instead of Cat's.
- Skeleton Reign was in fight with Human and Harvest. Skeleton Reign taken by Harvest. Dialog with ambassador. "Greet the 0 ambassador"
- Wyvern progeny. During dialog displays wrong sprite - Human. 
- NPCs are going through the inaccessible spots. 1. In Mouse Reign. Like pipes, walls or some random stuff. 2. Into water on the beach. 3. Into unreachable parts of Slime Pool.
- At nigh, with campfire icon flashing, if you go into some area, the campfire icon can stay up permanently. Sleeping resets it.
- Loading times are long ~10-15s of black screen. I don't know if game uses any caching, but maybe it should if loading takes too long.
- We need some way to skip/button mash through already seen dialogue without risking picking incorrect dialogue choice. Separate skip button would fix it. Ctrl by itself doesn't seem to work well. Must mash 'z' anyway.
- Moth Reign affinity mission. Kids sometimes "discover" you when turning towards you when you caught them.
- Komachi still died, even though it was less than one week. Apparently this was fixed in 0.16.2, but I still got this bug.