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waaaaaa =0

thank youuu~ <3

Thanks! =)

Somehow you managed to make it very deep with only 144 pixels. Also loved the details on each object. Masterfully done!

Very creative and reflects the theme quite well. GJ!

you aMAZEd me haha

I think you can improve your technique a little to make it even better

I can recommend Pixel Logic book, it really helped me

(But not with drawing hands. Man, I dunno how to draw close-ups of hands, especially in pixel art)

Thanks! It was fun to try something like this

Thank you! tbh, I didn’t even have any plan when I started working, but it turned out well to me

Yeah, this is literally the first thing I wanted to draw this time ^^,

I don't know much about composition or techniques, but my eyes say they like it =D

I think it would take me a loooong time to draw hands as good as you

Hmm, I didn't think about the Amiga when I was working on this, but now since you told me about it, I can't ignore the similarity :D

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm not very familiar with the GB library, but I played a lot Pokemon Gold and Wario Land 3, so I got the isometric Pokemon vibe haha

warm, cozy and nostalgic

Good luck with your next projects!

Yeah, it turned out good
Glad you like it!

Thanks for the kind word! <3

wroom nice one