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Rival Character

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After a little while vibing in this space, I tried doing the wrong thing on purpose, just to try it out. I felt so wrong trying to disturb the immaculate peace that the relief was tangible when the book remained unscathed. You're safe here, books. You're all safe here.

Honestly impressed at the graceful pivot. An admirable ability to hold up the ideas and then throw them back into the water, much as one might do, to a fish. While fishing. UwU

Simple, but with great cohesion and implementation. I like how choice is played with and represented in the game as it progresses. There is pleasantly numbing music that I'm glad to return to after a period of it having gone away. Love looking at the graphics. Art game success, imo. I could easily feel an angle of my emotions and experiences reflected here, and every detail only enhanced that resonance.

The evolving mechanics were a surprise, but not an unpleasant one!  A mix of easy and challenging puzzles. The music and aesthetics remained pleasing even as I spent a long time stuck on a few of the levels. Very satisfying to finally snake the cat around to the finish line.