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Thank you for the video!

Thank you!

We wanted it open for a reason. I think fun little things like this are what make a great game. However, most of that was due to running out of time. 2 days (1 day wasted on idea) for a jam is really hard on a full 3d game. We have plans to expand upon it and tighten up those things, or make them part of the map.

thanks for the kind words! How did you cheat? Curious!!!

I had not heard of it, honestly. However, since looking it over we will certainly see what we can do. That is ALOT of time for a gamejam.

We wanted to make it loopy on purpose. The car is toony and top heavy, I can see where a person might be confused by that though. Thank you for the input!

Sounds like a keyboard issue. Only way the vehicle turns left or right is A and D. This suggests some type of input issue. We will certainly take a look and go from there.

As for the VR, this is great info!!! Thank you very much.

Thanks, we had a blast making it. Who knows if it will end up being anything!!!

I felt that might be an issue, so I put the red brake lights on the rear (real tanks dont have that) and the lights on the front. I guess it didnt help :( Glad you liked it thought!

Very cool, would love to see it! We just did this for a jam, so probably vaporware unless people really love it.

Thank you for the review. It is very rewarding to see people play and understand how/why they might get stuck on things. A good ol' tutorial would certainly do wonders to help ease players in. I tried to use the orange arrow things to point people in the right directions but it seems even that is no match for humans free will! If you would have completed all 5 sites you would have seen the end screen. Thanks again for testing it.

Thank you very much for your time and review. We are looking at a post update within the next few weeks that will fix most of the blaring issues as well as cleaning up the UI. Thanks again!

Thank you very much! We had a blast making it. Wish we would have started at the beginning of the gameJam, but didnt know we were gonna join till the last minute. I will be posting an postJam update within the next few weeks.

Thanks, that was the intent!

Thank you for the kind words!

Adventure Game - Action Adventure where you are a player attempting to have a snowball fight on a lake. Avoid other NPC/Players while throwing snowballs and attempting to make them fall in. We have also added a tutorial level to ensure you know how to play the game mode before going in. Let us know what you think!


THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR A GAMEJAM, some bugs might exist, if they do report them so we can work on processing them out! Enoy!

Buy Now option is not working.

On a serious note, game was fun, wish I had the ability to move the camera around to plan my moves. Took me a second to figure out how to save and when to pull out, otherwise nice entry.

It is made in unity....

not a problem, I have a new update that has him with more advanced AI and a garage where you can attach new body parts to your robot. Will be pushing it later.

Thanks, you should aim for the body parts though, as they actually can fall off.