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Got to the last wave but only just 1 times ... there still need a balance to be made here and there.... the enemy is just too powerful... that just the normal one .... ones the plague event hit up .... normal enemy become hell .... so hard to beat... should need an pdate that can upgrade our existing wall .... rather than need to expand.... because every soilder left and right need to be balance with their power and defends ... if one broke out trying to get the left to go right or vice versa is really hard if you dont get that rally .... 

I think that it should also be that a wall shouldn't be a checkpoint/stand for the soilder to move left & right .... the last wave when i want to defend the left side.... but the last left wall broke .... my right army should be able to defend it but since there no wall ... they cant move to the left to defend it and make me lose just like that .... 

I wish there have like a map on top ... so that we can easily click left and right on the map to go to that other side of each wall ... for an easier defend strategy when using our skill

Really Love the game .. excited to see the update of the game.