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I really liked the aesthetic of the game and where it's going, especially I like Ranger Dale, btw you haven't left a link to your twitter on this game page

here's my vid

I'm not sure if I missed the part with the enemies, but for the most part it was smooth sailing for me.

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So I checked out the game and gave the kickstarter a shoutout, here's the vid!

It was really cool, I made a video about it and also added subtitles while I'm at it.

Don't mind the big red arrow in the thumbnail haha

Try pressing right alt+enter when your in the main menu

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Hey man, I usually don't post my comments on games, however me and my viewers really like your game and I would like you to know that, here is my video if you want to see. 

Thank you for making it, as I said it was really fun!

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The game was surprisingly a lot of fun, and I liked the bad acting

I can say how good the game was, but I rather say that you truly have a passion for making game.

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I really enjoyed this game, the story is absolutely beautiful, it's truly a gem of a game.

IMSCARED community · Created a new topic Stuck in the code

I can't get past the "Enter a great place" part, after I decode the message I can't progress from there, any help would be appreciated.

Na it's ok, it was so bright for me because I was playing with a lot of lights on, which is why I could bearly see

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I really like this game, I will be keeping an eye out for what comes next

Also I played it on youtube:

Thank you for the game, it was really fun, I also made a video on it