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I really like this game, very fun and gave me feelings similar to playing classic RPG horror games, thanks!

No, I tried a different web browser and manage to download it, thanks!

No I use a regular browser, I'll keep an eye for the new version.

It's the same link as the download link, after it downloaded 500mb it stops and says network error.

Every time I try to download the game I get a network error, can you upload the game somewhere else?

To say I loved the game would be an understatement

This feels so close to the old games and gets your imagination going, I'd love to play this as a kid on my PS1, I've made a video about it too (please excuse if I look to excited in the video these games are hard to come by)

I've been waiting for this for so long, so glad you're going ahead and making more in the Fear & Hunger series

I still suck at it though

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I really liked the aesthetic of the game and where it's going, especially I like Ranger Dale, btw you haven't left a link to your twitter on this game page

here's my vid

I'm not sure if I missed the part with the enemies, but for the most part it was smooth sailing for me.

Try pressing right alt+enter when your in the main menu

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Hey man, I usually don't post my comments on games, however me and my viewers really like your game and I would like you to know that, here is my video if you want to see. 

Thank you for making it, as I said it was really fun!

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The game was surprisingly a lot of fun, and I liked the bad acting

I can say how good the game was, but I rather say that you truly have a passion for making game.

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I really enjoyed this game, the story is absolutely beautiful, it's truly a gem of a game.

IMSCARED community · Created a new topic Stuck in the code

I can't get past the "Enter a great place" part, after I decode the message I can't progress from there, any help would be appreciated.

Na it's ok, it was so bright for me because I was playing with a lot of lights on, which is why I could bearly see

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I really like this game, I will be keeping an eye out for what comes next

Also I played it on youtube:

Thank you for the game, it was really fun, I also made a video on it