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Here is mine! if you cant figure out how to beat the boss please check one of the comments i made in the rate page. I explained it there (should have done it in the game)

Thank you! I wanted to implement a mechanic in wich when you get big enough you no longer have to worry about small enemies like the flies or the spiders, but in the end i couldn't do it because i was running out time. All I did in the end was slow the player down without any benefits for tying to grow

 Thanks for the feedback! I've been told this a few times now, i should have made it clearer. The boss has 3 "states": Follow, Attack and Tired. If you come in contact with the boss in the first two states you will recive damage. However, if you bash while it is Tired, you will make it take damage. Repeat this a few times an you will win.

You have to press the "W" key in order to jump. You can press "Space" or "Shift" to bash in mid-air in order to move in the direction you are facing for a short period of time

Thank you! Yeah, the game was a bit short because i didn't have much time to work on it. I might improve it in the future tho. Thanks for the feedback

Gracias por el feedback. Olvide agregar algo al principio para guiar mejor al jugador, puede que mas adelante lo actualice. Me alegro que el resto del juego te haya gustado!

Cuando ganas el juego y volves al menú principal las vidas del jugador siguen siendo visibles en la parte superior izquierda. Aparte de eso me parece un buen juego y con muy buen sonido

Muchas gracias!

En cuanto al salto veo a lo que te referis pero no logro hacer que quede bien. Y en cuanto al fondo ya me lo mencionaron lo de mejorar el efecto.

De todas formas veré si arreglo estos errores en algún futuro.

Gracias por señalarme  eso. Veré si lo modifico en algún futuro.