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A  .rar was added to the download files :D Thank you for the suggestion

Added a few more screenshots :)

I do use it but it looks like it conflicts with plugins that access icons and resources via notetags.  What I'm going to do for future releases is simply only import exactly what I need and nothing more to keep file size down :)

The game is pretty broken right now, but in the next couple weeks I'm hoping to have things smoothed over

Must have been an error with Itch, I am just now uploading the newer version :D
RPGMaker MV's base resources are pretty large file sizes so I was trying to avoid packaging all the unused assets with it to save everyone download time. However it looks like that isn't a possibility or at least I don't know how to do it properly, so in the meantime I'm including all files associated with the project.

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I am so sorry, I should have checked what I uploaded. Completely put up the wrong version! that's my bad, tonight I'm uploading a new version with all these problems fixed. Thank you for your time playing it and posting this, I'll make sure it's fixed properly :)
*Edit*Thanks! :D

I'm so glad you liked the game! I'm working on developing a "Next Gen" version, keeping itself faithful to SNES limitations. (For that I'm mostly focusing on the pallette and adding more gameplay mechanics to keep different stages more unique.)

I'm going to be working with Visager again for music, I'll keep you updated on that :)

Love your video format by the way, I appreciate your focus on keeping to the gameboy's limitations :D

New update is pretty awesome, I could totally see this as an old school arcade game 

Super fun and frantic. It's be nice to get a visual representation of how the level ups effect your speed, and maybe to keep up with how many asteroids come in later on have the repair beams cover a wider area as you level up?

Also.  WHO ARE THESE FROZEN PEOPLE!?! And who chose their flight path? I swear they are the political opponents of some sort of space crime boss who is trying to assassinate them or something

Still must have taken a while to learn how to make it load, display, move, and wrap the background as you move.  Are you planning on doing more stuff as .gb files, or was this just a one time experiement?

Really cool how it actually IS a Gameboy rom. I couldn't find much to do but fly around, but the fact it actually could run on a real Gameboy is pretty freaking awesome

Needs some catchy music, but it was pretty dang fun.

Being able to move the bouncy pads was a fun surprise, overall pretty fun, just a bit too silent

Damn... That was way too fun.

Man.  I love this game.

It was so damned interesting, holy shit. It ended too soon, give me more shape face ghosts plz

Gotta admit. Charming and creepy