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I uhhh.....I thought it said somthin else😅😂nd thnks for watching and liking the video😎✊🏾

Bruh, you snapped HAAAAARD on this game. I honestly might follow you so I can see what other game you'll make tbh. here's my gameplay of it if you wanna know how I've played 

I hate that there's one part that caught me mid sentence and shut me up😂😡! But all in all, I like this game and if you wanna see how I acted during ya go

This game honestly was fun, bruh really had me go down there looking for snacks just to die. I think you did good and can't wait for you to make more games. If you wanna see my reaction playing this game.....HERE YA GOOOO

I gotcha, I'll make sure to post it even if the video is a bit laggy💯✊🏾

I made a video on this game like you asked but when I looked at the final recording, I see that it wasn't really compatible with my recording software. I got stuck on the 2nd puzzle anyways. The only thing I would say about this game is that I would like for directions during the gameplay, I got stuck a bunch of times. Other than that, this game go me good. I really wish that I could've had a stable recording of it though☹

I personally like games like this tbh! You did good and I recommended this game to my friends. Here's my reaction to it if you wanna see😎👀

Thank you and I just wanted to see If I could get away with things😂!

Bruh, I did NOT expect that😂💯! I like this game though, I think you did perfect with this. Here's my reaction to it if you wanna check it out

I hate you for making such a scary game! I honestly wanted this game to end😂💯but all in all, this was a good game. 10/10. Also here's my video if you want me to scream alot

I don't know if it was me but the game is a bit choppy for me. I also didn't know what to do throughout the entire game. I just wish there was displayed directions, but other than that it's seems like a good game. Here's my video if you want to check it out

I personally think the brightness could be a bit brighter but other than that this was a fun scary game! 9/10. Here's my video if you wanna check it out

The ending was actually expected but it still caught me as I was waiting for it. Good game though. Here's my video on it

This a fun little game to test your patience or if you just want to get yourself mad. Not mad with negativity, but anger that just makes you laugh like "wtf" if you know what I mean. Here's my gameplay of it

This is a good game, a little too long for me and I'm not a puzzle person but I like it! I also got on stage in the game to hit a couple of notes, here is my gameplay if u wanna see it

It was a bit laggy at the first but that could just be how I exported my video. Overall though, it's a nice game! Here's my gameplay if u wanna watch

I freaked out during this game but it was all in all a very fun game! Here's my gameplay if you wanna watch

This man done suprised my ahh when I turned around! Smh, this is a good game though. Here's my gameplay if you wanna watch

This is a fun little game to play when you don't have anyone else to play with and you don't wanna play with randoms! It's a good game, here's my gameplay of it

I missed games like this. It has a great story and all as far as I know. Bruh, the full game gonna be that shiii! Here's my gameplay video jusrt incase you wanna watch it

I swear when that thing ran across the door frame, I lost my balls☠! But yeah this is a good game! Here's my gameplay if you wanna see

To be honest there was a lot of talking during the game play, but I swear this is a good game! So 9/10 from me😁👍🏾! Here's my video on it if u wanna watch 

You really know how to mess my head up with this one. I fw it though, keep up the hood work! You can check out my experience here