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I'm a mobile gamer and I can't leave my seat, you could put a virtual controller on the screen for people who have a cell phone or don't have a PC yet.

The game's story should talk about Chiro having relationships with men and not lesbians, but if the developer is going to put it in the future, then yes

As far as I know, Android versions are working correctly on several devices without any installation or execution problems, check your available space and if your device is up to date.

There will be a Steam version in the future, but for now it will be on Itchio for a while until the game is more complete and then released on Steam.

Hi, I have already asked the developer for permission to do this but it will only be translated when it is at a more advanced stage, it is still very early But there will soon be a Portuguese version

Will you make version 0.1.0 public in the future for people who don't have access to Patreon?

An update will be available at the end of the month apparently, as the devs are still working on the game

The gallery is not yet available due to the game being in its initial stages, but don't worry, the gallery will soon be added with animations and new villains for you to see

An update is coming soon, I don't know the day, but it is coming possibly with an Android version and version 0.1.0 probably

Many of the CGs are not animated due to the fact that it requires a lot of work for a game that is in its early stages, this may change in the future, as animating this will require a bit of work.

I realized, there is no way to dodge before finishing the attack, which is really bad since if you intend to do a run without taking any hits for example, this would end up ruining it a bit.

I don't think this is in the developer's plans, since chiro is a femcel, so if this is to be had, it will only be in the future, not now.

This may be added in the future, and it's an interesting idea.

The game is still in its early stages, there will soon be an update with new phases

This thing about the dialogue I agree with you a little, it may be changed in the future (or it may not be changed), you can expect new things in the future.

Any feedback about the game, bugs, etc., you can say here

New things are coming soon, just have these animations for now due to the fact the game is in its early stages

You can follow the artist here

If you like the game and want to see new updates, you can subscribe to Patreon, this way you will be helping with the development of the game and financially with new future features.

New updates are coming soon

I think now you can download the game normally without any problems. 

I think it has already been fixed

ʕ⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠ʔ I didn't understand what you meant by that

The file does not show the windows icon, which could be the problem

This is the same as gamejolt for Android, there is no way to download it, so I recommend that you try to download it here, because the file is in zip and not .exe or not marked for Windows,the itch io app will not be able to recognize the program or game you want to download

Try downloading it right here and use WinRAR to unzip and open the game and be happy

Try downloading directly from the website, the app may rarely give you these problems, but it depends on which operating system you are using, whether it is Windows or Mac.

The game is currently only available for Windows

Android version is coming soon

You can try to update your antivirus, or temporarily disable it, or download Kaspersky antivirus, which is what I use and it is actually useful and does not cause these errors in the game.

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I'll wait for the Android version in the future, I played the PC version but it was using my friend's PC and it's not here directly, but I loved the game and I hope for more updates in the future.❤️

If you are going to do this, could I volunteer to translate it into Portuguese?

Get some rest little brother, too much work can harm you and cause anxiety, because you will have to do this and do this and that.

And this can give you a headache, rest every other day.

It might be good for you to think of new ideas for the game and have some free time to take a walk outside and have some coffee.

Don't force yourself too much, okay? You still have plenty of time to develop your game, just avoid getting overwhelmed, this can make you feel really bad

Take care, and have a good day, a good afternoon or good night

(⁠ ⁠T⁠_⁠T⁠)⁠\⁠(⁠^⁠-⁠^⁠ ⁠)

If you're talking about the altar near a character that says to purify all altars, you should go up the corner, you'll be able to get there, if it's the place I'm thinking it is.

I haven't been playing for a few days because I'm studying, so the game is installed but I haven't finished it completely

 If you have fallen into a hole where there is a girl there, you must have sex with her, she will put a mushroom on your head making you jump super high which will help you get out of that hole

If it's the same place where I got stuck, just do this

I understand, but I have a gamepad, so if in this case, I had a PC, I could play normally, right? What engine is used in the game? Just out of curiosity, if it's a light engine, I could try running it on Exagear or Box64 at about 10 fps lol

If one day you want to port it to Android, I want to be a beta tester for the game, because in the future I would like to be able to help with the translation into Brazilian Portuguese. 

Wow, now I'm sad, I hope there's a version for Android in the future 

If it's not too much to ask, why can't there be an Android version? 

I can't wait for the characters' voices, as soon as the steam version is released, I will add it to the wish list, so when I finally buy a laptop or a good PC, I will buy the PC version to help you with your game. 

My brother bought a gamepad so he can play CODM and Minecraft, as soon as it arrives, I will test it and see if the game controls are working normally. 

see you next week psy 👋

When will there be an Android version? I found your game on the internet so I was interested in learning about your game.

While I was working with the game files, I added a machine gun, which helped me a lot, and had infinite shots.

Hey, download an Android emulator from the play store, it supports 32-bit games and can work as an alternative Android, it's only on Android 7 or 8 but it's very useful.

I hope it works for you, just download it, log in to the play store and download a browser to download the game.

You're welcome and I'm hoping that the installation goes well as it's almost impossible to go wrong.

Eu só irei esperar o dev mandar a mensagem lá no discord e mandar o arquivo de tradução, gosto de fazer isso no meu tempo livre

Use zarchiver to enter the game folder at Android/data/com.Jashinn4264.Syahatasbadday and go to the files folder. If you want to save your game, make a backup copy.

eu ja pedi ao dev para eu poder traduzir o jogo para o português por que tem muita pessoa que joga mas nao sabe a história, queria poder ajudar a traduzir isso agora por que vai ficar mais pesado pro meu tempo livre ja que eu estudo, e gosto muito desse jogo

I already asked the dev if I could translate the game into Portuguese because there are a lot of people who play but don't know the story, I wanted to be able to help translate this now because it will be more difficult for my free time since I study, and I really like this game

hey jashinn, you can call me on discord ( "riosuki" or "riosuki#1906" ) so I can translate it into Brazilian Portuguese, some people here are asking for a translation of it into Portuguese and I really want to help with that, as the guy in this comment said, there are people from Brazil who play this game

I will be grateful if you let me. 

hi dev, I wanted to know if the character's name is syahata's or shahata's, because while I was playing she said her name by another name 

I left the game right next to the window because I found it strange that she said the wrong name or whatever

Android port?