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To get his happy ending, use the walkthrough to get the highest possible trust/love you can with him, and at the final scene with the helicopter, select the option "Talk some sense into him". This should get you his happy ending.

Not yet. It's connected to his other endings, at the final scene with the helicopter. To obtain it, get the highest possible trust you can with him using the walkthrough, then select the "Talk some sense into him" option.

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Hello! Glad you enjoyed the game! To get Noelani's 2nd CG, try this order for choices:

  1. Search for shelter
  2. Stay alone for now
  3. Search right
  4. Stay here
  5. Stay alone
  6. Go to sleep

This is the CG I assume you're trying to get.

Also, the 1st ending for Kana IS the true ending. Not only the true ending for Kana, but also Noelani and the entire game. The only reason Noelani doesn't have a true ending is because his route is connected to Kana's story-wise. The most canon ending I intended for Noel is his 3rd ending.

Hello! Thank you for playing A Frigid Space. In order to get Noelani's last two CGs, you'll need to go through the New Game+ route and get Kana's trust to 30 (note that the trust meter is invisible). You'll unlock both CGs and get Kana's 2nd ending as well. If you still can't unlock them, let me know. I've just tested it and I managed to unlock both.

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So, I just saw your comment after posting the final update. I didn't think anyone wanted a happy ending for Noelani. I'll see if I can do something about that for him and update the game if I do add another ending for him. :)

Update: Added as you requested!

Sorry it's taking a while. The writing for Evangelos's route is complete and we're planning out the UI and other new things for the game. Thank you for being patient. As for any route that may be added later on, I'd like to finish all three routes (Ciro, Evangelos, and Akakios) before adding in any other routes. I'll post if anything updates or changes within the game. But for now, I've been checking over things in both Ciro's and Evangelos's routes.

It was originally a bug that players would be unable to get his first illustration. It's been fixed now.

Hello. Thank you for playing the game. After looking in the code, I've realized I made a small mistake with his gallery page. I accidentally left out the CG in the game's script, which caused the game to never show it. In the next update, that will be fixed.

The option to "Search in the other building" doesn't show up for you when choosing whether or not to follow Noelani? Could you try redownloading the game please and trying again or restarting it? I'm currently looking into this to see if it's a bug.

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The game will be updated with more endings later on. For now, the best ending you can get is the true ending. Glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing it!

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Glad you like his design! Thanks for playing the game!

Sorry for the late response! I just saw your reply. The next route is planned to be Evangelos.

But before working on his route, I plan to release another project called "A Frigid Space".

Ciro's route took me about one or two years to write, thus, I expect Evan's route to take about the same amount of time to complete.

Glad you enjoyed the game! I've actually been thinking about a route for Ryuu. We'll see how the story goes and if I can add it.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the look of the game! I'll try my best to have the characters explain everything about the town properly. :)

Thanks for playing the game and I'm really glad you liked it! I've been trying to implement a gallery screen, so that's not ready yet. As a result, I've blocked access to it. And an ending guide would be a good idea. I'll look into that. :)

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and interest in Love's Apathy. A few changes have been made to the prologue and as a result of some of these changes, Rena (MC) no longer gets the surgery to begin with. I've excluded that due to it no longer affecting the actual story since the true ending has changed.

Your other concerns such as Rena's parents, Ryuu, and other things are discussed in the full game. Once Ciro's route is finished for the strong personality type, It may be released. There will be two paths that are possible to go through for each guy's route. Ciro's route is no exception to this. It depends on how much he likes Rena, depending on the player's choices.

Again, thank you for the feedback and interest in the game.

Thank you!

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If anyone encounters any bugs, please let me know here.

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If anyone ever wishes to post fanart.

Ryuu by soqurururu on Otome Amino

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Want to discuss the eligible bachelors? This is the place!

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To discuss the story of the game. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks to the artist. Yusee drew the guys' character art while I did the character design. :)

Aw~ Thank you! You made my day! :)

Looking at the codes helped. Thank you. :)