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i really enjoyed playing this! i loved the characters and the art style is beautiful. good job!

cute!! will try out your other games too :)) and i loved the art !

Woahh you did a great job with rpg maker!

this is a great game i loved it! the characters are so cute and the art is also really good. the concept is also great <3

nice game :D i got all the endings ending b and d were my favs 

this is one of the best visual novels ive ever played! i loved that there are soo many choices and you can customize a lot of things! Can't wait for step 4!

i really love this game the artstyle was great and the storyline was very interesting! looking forward to the complete game ^^ good luck!

aww this is such a cute and wholesome game!! I lovee the art style and the characters! i really loved it my gay heart is satisfied! thanks for the game <3 

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this was so heartwarming  and cute! loved it <3

very cute and wholesome!  i enjoyed it a lot ^ ^

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aww this is a really cute game !!! i loved it <33

the first game to ever make me cryyy. i absolutely love this gamee the story really touched my heart. the artstyle and visuals are really beautiful, makes me feel peaceful. the music also matches the vibe. im definitely going to appreciate the people around me more now. looking forward to more games like this :)