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Aloners (Redux) community · Created a new topic Question

Is there any possibility of making a sequel for this game? not sure if this was clarified on a different website or just somewhere else but I'm really curious cause with this new chapter I can see a lot of possibilities for a sequel. Also I just wanted to let you know this is my absolute favorite dating sim/visual novel! I love it so much and have grown to love trash a lot as well. Thanks :)) 

Its very rare I plan on buying a game on this website, I usually just drift and choose free games but I think this will be the first one I decide to buy on here. Its such a beautiful game with lots of fantastic characters and don't even get me started on the art I'm so excited for the release date

Hi Seraphinite, I play your games a lot and I absolutely love them, and have decided to try and make my own visual novel with a friend of mine. Seeing as how your games turned out so well do you think you can kind of give me pointers or help me with creating my own? I know you're probably very busy and might not want to help a person just starting out but any tips or advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for any trouble.

I only played Lucan's route so far but, oh god I love your work so much. Any game you make I'll be sure to play and love. You're so good at this it hurts my heart. I literally loss my voice from screaming about how much I loved him and this game. Keep up the good work my friend. :)

Jesus this is such a good game, Stanton is my precious little hunny bun. ;3; Amesbury is also precious. They are all precious help. I really love this game, I only wish there was a menu to where I could go back into the cg's and see the ones I got already cause they are so nice.