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It was the best experience and my first vn which I actually read!

But I recommend you playing one story in a day. I was feeling not so good when after Karma I chose Rod and it was like "Noo, Karma, do not look!", so please. If you are an emotional person like myself, please consider this. 
And actually about two after stories which you need to open, truly I did not enjoyed them fully. 
[spoiler]I am not a fan of friendsallmylife stories and again I did not feel anything from story with Waltz. Though, I like him, he is kind and really knows what our heroine needs, but on the over hand, building relationship in a war is not my favorite topic, cause, you know, I am focused on her mother not on kissing my bestie! And I played last story with the knight cause I thought it would be the best part, and partly it was. With his other side, Varg! And I would stayed with him! Cause I really didn't understand from where did heroine's feeling came and I do not understand it now. Almost all story I am meeting Varg, and I was so sad when he erased  himself for her! She just "okay", hello my white knight lets kiss and hug. Well, for me it was a little amusing. Although, through the story where were a little bit explanation that Varg was doing things she was afraid of and all (I mean the kiss and chasing) and he loved her only through Fritz, but at the same time I find out about him more that about Fritz, so I did not understood this love line. Maybe it was just for "what if"[spoiler]
In summary, game is awesome! It was tasty! Thank you! xD
My favorite stories was with Karma, Rod and Varg xD I thank you for creating this game and I hope you will continue make people happy!!!