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Okay I'll play this for sure

okay I will. Guess I'll be anxiously waiting now. Keep up the good work.

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I absolutely loved your game. The story is very interesting and it's very cool how I can talk to my own character. I do have a few tips and glitches found.


First of all with the train rail puzzle there is a cave with a chest, you can open the chest and get an item but the name of the item is a code and it shows a blank in your item screen. 

There was also some German text at the Prosophina (Is that how you write her name?) church her altar. after you talked to masame and then went into the church.


There are a lot of times where you just have to wait for nothing. Like the screen stands still to build up tension probably but that takes to long and actually has the oppisite effect. I also didn't get to know Raphael and Sarah that much even though their characters were very interesting. And an explanation on who Haily is would've been nice as well.

Things I did like:

I loved how I could talk to shawn. The battles were also very fun. It may be a bit hard for people but that's why we have easy mode right ;). It's also very cool how many quest and secrets you implented (Although I could only do 1 or something because i was too invested in the story)

Very good game overall and I'd give it a 8/10. I hope more will come soon. Is there anyway I can get a notification for new content?

P.s. Sorry for my grammer English isn't my first language.