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Yep. The herb garden spawned 3 each of the necessary herbs, but a Full Health potion required all 3. In some dungeons at the end, I needed way more than 1 potion to keep up. This ended up stressing me pretty much, worrying that I would run out and end up in a hopeless situation.

It was the scarcity of herbs. One Full Health potion required 3 pieces of 2 herbs, of which is was only possible to pick 3 per day. (It cost 2 of each to make a Hi Potion, and then another one of each to make a Full Health potion out of that)

And money was pretty scarce too, though I admit I had enough for several potions. As I said, it do think my resources would have sufficed in the end, BUT of that, I had no idea while I was playing. So the sense of confinement and fear to paint myself into a corner and end up with a cursed save was very much there, and is did tear very much at the fun of the game. I felt I didn't want to explore, and as I used 2 or 3 potions in a dungeon near the end, I was constantly worried that I'd end up standing before the final battle with too few potions, having to replay the entire game.
In-game worries is one thing. But this was a game-save technical issue, similar to the worry of a crippling bug. Lifting the forced limitations of healing wouldn't have made the game worse; it would have made it much more entertaining.

Just finished the game, and it was generally absolutely lovely, with gorgeous graphics and all well put together. One quite major aspect did, however, quite seriously impact my enjoyment of the game, and my kindest advice would be to try to avoid this phenomenon in the future games in the series.

Namely, the resource starvation. Playing on "normal", which I always do, have the monsters hitting you quite hard, specifically since they level up in mostly the same speed as the player. A typical hit would deplete 1/7th to 1/6th of  my max HP. This is not a problem, and I enjoy the battles not being push-overs, but in some dungeons, I had to use three or even four full-health potions, of which it's only possible to create one per story day. Mostly, it didn't matter, but at some points, I was on the verge of running out of ability to heal myself. Had I not been diligent in gathering herbs at every point I could in the game (even when the story didn't really allow for detours) I would have run a serious risk of ending up with a "cursed save"  - a save game which is impossible to continue from (not enough resources to proceed, and no ability to gather new ones.).

Some 10 to 15 hours in, this worry of resource starvation and the risk of cursed saves and threat of being forced to replay large portions of the story only because I'd run out of healing pots, only grew. In the end, I didn't want to explore or revisit old areas, for fear of new battles that would deplete my ever so shrinking supply of healing pots. I couldn't risk running too low, lest I would find myself in an impossible situation. This unfortunately sapped much of the fun out of the game.

Sure, one can always play on "Easy", but that's not really my point. I'm not after easy battles and push-overs. I appreciate that battles matter, and the difficulty on Normal was well aligned and much satisfactory. But  resource starvation, and specifically the threat of cursed saves, doesn't really have a place in 20 hour long games. I ended up switching to Easy, not relly enjoying the fact that now, no battle really mattered (they really didn't - everything died as I looked at it), but at least I could now explore some and afford detours and revisits without serious worry. It worked as a hotfix, but felt like a "less bad" solution.

Having completed the game, I do suspect that my switch to Easy might have been unnecessary, and that I maybe wouldn't have run out of healing pots either way. That, however, does not make my worry during the game less real. If I could wish, in future games in this series, do not limit the player's ability to recover from battles. Let us be able to visit, explore, revisit and take our time, even if we enjoy battles that matter. If players will have to grind for herbs to achieve this, then so be it. But please don't set a hard limit. The worry to run out and end up in an impossible situation shouldn't be a part of an otherwise fantastic adventure game.

Hah, the one place I had left to look at. I had been in all the forests, in the plains, and I was just about to go to the forest.
Thanks, but geez... sometimes I feel I should search more thoroughly before I ask. Thanks again!

Wondering the same here.

One thing you can find will open another place where you find the switch for the door. If not, it's a bug.
(the first place that opens is on the top right of the ruins area)

Just curious. For many hours now, a witch in Chaeton has asked me for some Wild Shroom, and I'm worrying that I've missed something, because I haven't ever found one. Many hours ago, I believe I had an other type of Shroom, but that was found (IIRC) in some treasure chest.

Just wondering if I just have to await finding the Wild Shroom, or if that can be harvested somewhere  I've missed.

They have put several one-colour sprites onto each other. It's an old trick you can use if you have sprites to spare.

Yes, I had this issue aswell. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but I had the exact same experience. ALL potions gone, but main ingredients still there. Quite worrisome, as I won't know if this will happen again, so I don't want to brew potions unnecessarily, but then again I need them.

Would be awesome; I did order one years ago from Poland, but it never showed up and I was refunded. Haven't tried since, so I would love to get one; playing this game on the actual hardware instead of an emulator would be a dream!

... but I can't find a way to send a private message. Hm.

Dedicated crt would work wonders! Here's to intense hoping.

I know, but I don't have those. Course, I could always try to get some, but I largely prefer a physical version of the game itself, if possible.

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Looks and sounds wonderful, and I'm eager to buy it. But pretty please consider a physical version of this; it's really worth it! Cartridge from Protovision or disk version from Psytronik; both are fine for me! Pretty please consider this, I would LOVE to have this game physically, as physical medium is the only way I can play the game on the real hardware.

Downloads are limited to emulations only, sadly...