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Absolutely loved the demo. And I wanted to support them by any means but like Moorflower said, they do not seem to be accepting any dotations. It also seems like their progress if any is very slow. I don't mind waiting, wished they accepted donations if they needed it. Hope this game doesn't end up in the dust like so many otomes demos in itchio nowdays.

So I've played through Brash/Raze (with kid raze and fake raze)endings and I tried to see if I could get an ending with Sinallion but doesn't seem like that's possible? I mean the game seems to have 1 straight plot where doesn't matter which of your previous love interest you choose?. I'm just curious to know from other players! thanks in advanced.

I followed the steps and i'm not seeing any Sack on my inventory?? I even tried re-installing but nothing. Any help is appreciated!

Downloading and playing this demo today was the best decision I made! I got so hooked on the exquisite art and the music I was so sad when the demo ended! I absolutely love the plot of the game and was so shock and super pleasantly surprised when the shirtless scene moved to a more dark tone. While there are room for improvements in the fluidity of the first chapter in the writing it definetly didn't didn't take way from the plot, the ART is AMAZING, i love how vivid all the characters are and their personalities are so charming. I don't know if it has said before but I will love to financially support this project either on Patreon or Kickstarter, can't wait to see all the amazing work you guys will put into this project in the future! Will be closely following updates. 

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I  agree with Cjindel. You can also give a decent, respectul review without being rude and just coming off as an angry gamer who couldn't find their specific requirements meant in this specific game. Yes, there's room for improvement but is a demo? is not the final product, and while I am always rooting for feedback whether is positive AND negative on any type of games to help the creators improve, you need to learn to communicate your opinion without being snarky. 

I see, I have never quite seen a game like this so it definitely caught my attention, I'm very interested. Based on the tumblr link best ending will be all musicians ending with their instruments as a couple, will that include Jillian and Frankie too? And no problem! I know it can be confusing, otomes involve a female lead with several LI she can choose from, this is definitely a visual novel with very unique romance options that don't include the main lead which is a refreshing twist. Can't wait to see more of this game in the future :) 

The art, music and the humor in this demo so far has me so excited for this game. So much that this is my first review! I already absolutely love Jillian as I see myself reflected on her and the instruments taken form are just adorable. I do have a question! This is not an otome, correct? I'm just curious to know, but i'm guessing we won't be able to choose which instrument she spends time with but that she is defaulted to Frankie as she mainly plays the piano and i'm guessing the other instruments each will default to their own musician?