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any fan of pure action games shouldn,t miss this game ! 

i finally found the action game i been looking for when i scroll itch

hey bud , i've seen you had many exprience with gaming , nay i ask you please to tell the names of 4 or 5 of your favorite games so i can have more understanding in game design please ?

really cool move set , i respect your work

what a beauty

Do you have Twitter account or Instagram or anything ?

Please I wanna to see more of your art !!

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You have the right to be big headed

thanks you so much for help ! I hope i didn't bothered you

Hey , this is maybe random but what do you think of unity ?

You're the most thing I am happy to discover on 

My dream is to became a cool guy like you

Omg the graphics

I've seen your comment on some post on qoura

I love your games soooooo muccchhhhh !!!!

Is that true you are 15 years old ?...

There more games like this type , even before undertale, but you gotta search for them

Loved the art style  , it's unique and clean