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Ringer The Zinger

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great game

Not the best soloutin but you can Create Child of the game Object which you want it to have drop shadow , let the child gameObject have the same sprite as the parent and change it color to black (or the color you want to use as shadow) 

And set it layer to a layer lesser than the parent object and adjust it position to what you like 

There's other soloutins in youtube , which  create a script that automaticlly create the child game object(the drop shadow) for you 

Increadible ! 

you really nailed the sokpop style 

this is Super polished and Creative ! , Such a Great when i played i wonder how some stuffs were and i found out you have a github !! 

Thank you very much for putting this on github there is alot of things to learn from <3<3

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this Game is really fun visually , there is plenty of beautiful Rooms in it , i i Played This to See intersting Visuals and i was not dissaponted !

Fun Camera Zoom , Great Use of Particles

i think the room With Plenty of blocks was my favorite 

and i had alot of fun bothering the gray monsters

i enjoyed it :)

ah and sorry for my engilsh

Looking Cool !

One of the best assest here imo

you have to make the game Through The Jam time , not before it 

and make Sure the game follow the Theme and the limitation .... !


any fan of pure action games shouldn,t miss this game ! 

i finally found the action game i been looking for when i scroll itch

hey bud , i've seen you had many exprience with gaming , nay i ask you please to tell the names of 4 or 5 of your favorite games so i can have more understanding in game design please ?

really cool move set , i respect your work

what a beauty

Do you have Twitter account or Instagram or anything ?

Please I wanna to see more of your art !!

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You have the right to be big headed

thanks you so much for help ! I hope i didn't bothered you

Hey , this is maybe random but what do you think of unity ?

You're the most thing I am happy to discover on 

My dream is to became a cool guy like you

Omg the graphics

I've seen your comment on some post on qoura

I love your games soooooo muccchhhhh !!!!

Is that true you are 15 years old ?...

There more games like this type , even before undertale, but you gotta search for them

Loved the art style  , it's unique and clean