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formula 1 + grain farming??? i love it sooooo here for this game

So excited to see what Forward has become!

love your games as always!

dreamy + visually arresting experience!

what a beautiful experience! there's something about bitsy's 8bit two colour nature that makes all the emotions contained feel so much more intense and evocative

:0 really loving what you've done so far!

this game is amazing! 

can not wait for the campaign's start! 

this game was truly beyond expectation, i didn't expect to get so attached to the people in it. without getting into spoilers, the ending almost brought me to tears

is it okay to ask for a list of the artists? i don't recognize some of them but i'd love to check out more of their stuff.

loved this!


loved playing this game! i had a great time playing aquris and was overjoyed to see that you'd released another puzzle game

can't find the hotdog 😭😭

how do we get the blue mushrooms? this was a really cute game to play!

played this game during a break in online school and ;;-;; thank you trash bag oracle that card was much needed

loved the colour changing levels! this was a really fun game to play

this is a really cute game that made me smile a lot as i played it! 

i loved this game very much! the music and the art matched the mood of this game perfectly. 

i love this game very much!