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I'll give those a shot. Thanks for the advice, both of you. Sorry for the super late response, no notifications and I don't check this site very often. =_=;

It's unclear to me how to successfully fish. I have no problem getting bait, my issue is that there's no hint/instructions on how to actually catch the fish. Only a meter counter, which is understandable, and a vertical bar that fills up quickly and I don't understand what it's suppose to represent. Clicking quickly or slowly, or even holding down, on the mouse button didn't affect this bar and I lose the fish every way I try. Some instructions and/or tutorial would be greatly appreciated as well as necessary, I believe, as there are also timed requests that require participating in this mini-game.

Congratulations on your successful Kickstarter, by the way.

I have experience as a QA Tester and since I've enjoyed this game so far I really wanted to contribute to  it's development. I've only played a collective of more or less then 5 hours, so I'll be wanting to update on anything else I run into as I continue enjoying your game. Some stuff listed I assume you haven't implemented just yet, but I just wanted to put them out there just in case.

Getting Started:

-  The user is able to "Load" an empty Save Slot; results in the game crashing.

- Once thus far, previous saved data is lost after restarting game. (Exit the game, then opening the game app again.)

Graphics Quality:

- Severe lag in anything above "Simple" quality. (I have the latest Windows version, though I'm not sure if there are other factors, I'm not THAT tech savvy.)

- The Rainy weather animation also lags, even in "Simple" quality.

- The Rainy weather animation displays going through roofs.


- The mouse sensitivity is erratic in regards to the Camera.

- The Music & Camera adjustments don't seem to work in the Options Menu.

- The Music adjustment in the Options Menu resets itself.


- Multiple characters display Presley's model. (Paulie, Dr. Xu, Mars)

- Meilin model displays Carol's model.

Character Stats:

- The Craft Skill doesn't accumulate EXP points.

- The EXP for the Builder License is unclear. (Don't know what action is contributing EXP.)


- The BGM doesn't play in A&G Construction.

NPC Stats:

- Some NPCs display the "Spar" icon as fulfilled.

- All NPC's "Gift" icon displays as fulfilled, when gift actually given the icon gray's out (assuming that means it's unfulfilled).