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Oh I have no idea. It'll be worked out closer to the final release from Evil Hat.

Yes, that's right. However when the game is done and published you'll be able to claim a copy!

Thank you!


Yes, it's one of the things I'm working on at the moment!

I'm biased but this game rules

I ran (chaotic) a Ghoulboys AP! Join us as we investigate S&B Packaging and uncover a mysterious frying pan related death.

Yeah that's right! Publish it on your page first, then you come back here and submit it.

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That's what I have, I'm not deleting the files completely, they're just not going to be in the pdf.

An absolutely K I L L T A C U L A R game! Can't wait to rip and tear for fun and profit.

No, they can be anyone!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! I'm creating the bundle now and have ran into a bit of an issue.

Due to the way itch handles bundles, it only lets you specify a split in full percentages, so to avoid the ensuing weirdness (with 4 people getting 5% and everyone else getting 4%), I will be taking a double split (8%) so everyone else gets an even 4%.

Apologies for this, I'd rather split everything exactly equal, but it's impossible with itch unless you have a number of contributors that divides easily by 100.

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Hey! Thank you to everyone who's submitted so far! There's some great work here and it's awesome to see.

Just a reminder that the last day for submissions is the end of the day on the 30th. Don't forget to submit your entries to make sure they're included in the bundle!

As for the price, I will be setting it at $20 to keep the barrier for entry low, but encouraging people to pay more (as all your work is definitely worth way more!)

I'll be on the Fiction First Network talking through all the entries and showing off the pdfs once the bundle is approved (the week of the 10th), so I'd appreciate it if you'd be able to send me over a copy of your entry (or make some community copies available) so we can take a look at it on video!

FFN usually prerecord videos, but we might stream this one and take questions from chat. Who knows?

As long as you're planning on finishing it at some point it's fine!

Ah sorry about that! It's fixed on the main page now, and here's the link -

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Hey everyone!

I'd assumed I'd have maybe 5-10 people interested, so I'm super excited to have almost 50 people signed up! I've made a few changes to the Jam page that you all should take note of.

1: Given that a few of you might be new to hacking Blades, I've added a note about making sure you use the Forged in the Dark SRD license agreement in whatever you make. I've also clarified the submission guidelines a bit:

2: You can submit something you've already made, or create something new.

3: "Horror" is a broad church. You can go full M Rated slasher (consider a content warning), or All Ages. It doesn't have to be explicitly horror either - as long as there's horror elements, it's fine.

4: An optional one, but if you'd like you can include the Are you Afraid in the Dark logo in your submission (in the PDF, on the Itch page, or both).

5: I've included a link to the Blades SRD under the resources list.

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

- Riley ♥

It's been a great way to run the game online, I'm glad you like it 😄

Yes! You can find it here!

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Thank you so much! Let me know how your game goes 😊.

Whoops! The link is fixed now, or you can go here 😊.