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thank you for making this ! what a wonderful and sweet story <3

i don't think i'll forget this experience soon. thank you for making this vignette <3

sometimes a game leaves us speechless and changes our view of the world. for years to come, we think back to that one game and associate important or even emotional memories with it.

but have you ever thought about how the game feels? when you forcibly shut it down. when you take screenshots of it without asking for permission.

you say you love games but can this one-sided relationship really be called love?

in "what's your name" you will discover the perspective of a video game on the relationship with its user. it has gathered all its courage and finally speaks out!

a zine about screenshots, loneliness and friendship. read it right now in your browser! <3


(also plz use any images and texts from the zine for everything you want! you don't need to credit me :3)

[do you want to make a zine/game together? dm me anywhere <3]

i love this sound pack! it's really fun to play around with :OO

Thank you so much for this experience! I love your tools and games!

thx!!! :33 in my mind its pronouns are it/its but you can choose other pronouns for yellow if you want to relate more to the protagonist :)

tysm <3 yeah there are some rough ends but through the process i learned that i love making games!! i'm getting my hands on pico-8 right now. i hope i can tell my stories better this way :>

i won't participate in this jam but in another one in a few days (nonbinary game jam 2022). i'm excited for this!!

i'll be sure to try your project when it's ready <3

hey ollie!!!! i'm excited to see what you'll come up with :3 (i also love pokemon and hollow knight ^-^) is there going to be a frog in your game??

this was a lovely read <3 thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

YEAH!! i'm going hard into pico-8 right now, which means more colors and things to interact with >:3

i love this so much! i feel like i'm in control about anything but in reality i'm bound to strict rules and have to pay for my actions :o


this is so sweet!! tysm <3

this is so cool <3 i love that i have reached you and your experiences with this little game <3

thx! i'm glad you liked it :33

wow i didn't expect this game would stay in my head for two months! i love how the experience shifts once you watch the original short film.

i can't wait to see your next game! <3

<3 <3 <3 means a lot!!

i love the difficulty! You're always on your toes but never really get frustrated. also the knight is cute :>

Thank you so much!!

No I only used Bitsy, but pico 8 looks very interesting :)

really cute game that is playful approach to the theme of the jam! it is refreshing to be confronted with hectic gameplay that takes place in a realxing setting :>