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The important thing is that you're reaching out to us and keeping us updated, that's already a huge step towards gettimg things back on track. Take care of yourself and I can't wait to see what you and your team come up with! Best wishes!

Take as much time as you need Dirk! As a fellow writer, I understand the reprecussions of creative burnout. 

I'm glad you found more story guidance that's wonderful, can't wait to see what you all cook up! 

Furry, he's a snow leopard. 

What a fun game! Thank you so much! 

I hoped there would be a sequel, my hopes were met and I'm very excited for this new game! 

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Best news I've gotten all day! 

Thanks Azzy! ❤️

This was very insightful, I love him even more now!

I will too, thank you for sharing something so personal. I've enjoyed reading Chord Progessions  up until now and I love everyone. I want to know more about them all, that's why I supported Chord Progressions in the first place. ^_^

Thank you my friend! Really looking forward to it!

You know me on Discod as Nyarlothotep, I've played Ocean Avenue since the beginning and my love for your work is why I stick around. I truly love this VN and the unique style you have, that is exactly why I'll wait patiently for updates. I have a full time job myself and yes life often gets in the way but doing what we love also helps. Remember to take care of yourself as well Dirk you and the entire Ocean Avenue team!

What a fun devlog I loved this so much! I've played the demo and I got a taste of what Darrell is like and I have to say you write his character excellently! Looking forward to November 9th im a Chromatic Patreon. ^_^

I plan to while I read! ^_^

AWESOME EARLY HALLOWEEN UPDATE! Even if it's just for this month. ^_^

Any time! ^_^

The sprites are beautiful, the characters are well written ,  the storytelling is great. My honest opinion is that Chord Progressions has a very bright future filled with a ton of Potential! Favorite characters so far and Dave and Chester, I've always loved wolves and Dave is just a sweetheart, how can you not love him? Pat is so funny and flirtatious. April is edgy AF but she does care about her friends deep down. 

Chester seems like he's working through some personal issues but regardless of that he makes sure everyone is doing well even he's not himself.  Darrel seems like a huge goofball he reminds me of myself except less knowledge about musical instruments and technology. 

Overall I can't wait for the full public build I'm really looking forward to it! Keep up the fantastic work all of you, just know you have a huge fan here already! 



Ooh, really looking forward to this!

I'm super excited for the build releases again, I don't care how long I have to wait! Psychic Connections has become one of my favorite Visual Novels, the story is great, the characters are awesome and the work that goes into every little detail is amazing! I personally cannot wait to see the new sprites!

Now with that said, take as much time as you need, I'm willing to wait so take your time and don't rush. Believe me work is easier when you don't rush it.  Stay healthy, take care of yourselves and much love to the entire team! 

Thank you so much, looking forward to it! 

Oh man, I wish there was an android port. I'd love to play! 

Keep up the great work and Irl stuff always takes priority, it's important to take a vacation every now and then so I'm happy you got to do that! Also congrats nanoff and I hope things go well! 

So far the it looks great! Keep up the hard work and I look forward to play the first build!

Looking forward to future work from you my friend!

This makes me so happy to hear!

Just finished playing the VN in one sitting, I was so engrossed in the storyline that I couldn't put it down and to me that makes a fantastic VN already. I can't wait to see what you you come up with next, make sure to take care of yourself too! 

Take your time, I know it will worth waiting for. Besides your health and personal life problems should come first along with family.

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I'll let you know with a review! ^_^

Thank you so much, I've anticipating the android build for months now! I read the reviews that VNS get before downloading them, I've been wanting to play HFTL for so much longer than before now.

I'm sure the wait will be worth it too! 


I love this visual novel so much, it may have just begun, even though this is only the first chapter I've loved the story and the characters from the start! You kept my interest the entire time (and that's not an easy thing to do) the story flowed well, the characters are all great and I can't wait to see more of what the future has in store! 

Don't worry I'll still be here when you guys return from Hiatus, take as much time as you need your true fans will wait! 

I loved reading the first part so I'm really looking forward to Chapter 2, like I said before this VN has a ton of potential and I can't wait to see where it goes! 

I'm looking forward to it I'll even wait for that to release before I play for the first time! 

I literally just finished playing and I have to say that I'm looking forward to playing more! Super Nova really has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see where the story goes! Fantastic work and I look forward to the next build! 



I just finished reading this VN and I have to say I'm hooked, the story is great and Chad has such a mysterious past. This VN really has great potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here!

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We'll see you in 2022 and I hope things get better for everyone including Melo, taking care of oneself is important especially after surgery and follow up procedures. 

Trust me, my sister works in a hospital so I'd know all about that. I really love Psychic Connections and I always take time to fill out the survey and I hope things go well for everyone on the team you have my full support and always will.