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Hello! Im a dev of the game! Yeah, the mobile version is pretty rough. This game was a school project we made in a week, and to figure out how mobile games work, I converted it to an android build in a day! Admittedly it is very rough. Glad you gave it a shot though! :D

gud beens

super excited to check it out! :D

can't wait to check it out and play! :D

How do you play the game?

when intellivision responds to my emails

This is the second worst game i've ever played


This game has a really neat concept! :D




An erotic experience that everyone must enjoy five times

This was really cool, and other than Kirby's canvas curse, I can't really think of a game that has a similar mechanic! brush 1, and brush 3(better brush 1) were my favorites! :D

The music truly made me feel like a BIG BOI. Fun game, wonder what a full game of this could look like with added mechanics! :D

Great art direction! :D Love the soundtrack and game feel! 

I saw this Game on stream! :D Incredible work! Love what you did with the Grow/shrink ability, and the design of the game is spot on!

Thanks for playing our game! :D

That's so flattering! You're not entirely wrong, this game was made by a couple of kids, just BIG ones. I'm 28 (Kris Camp, made most of the art, some of the music and programming), And my co Dev is in his early 20's. When making the art for the game, and even when thinking of the game design, I wanted to go for something that an 11 year old me would have popped into his gameboy and played for hours! :D So I'm happy our work captured that feeling! :D Me and my co-designer have been apart of quite a few jams, but i can honestly say this is the first one where we think we've "found the fun", and we are both pretty happy with the result! :D Thanks for playing our game! (And link your game so I can give it a go! )

he is an admin. :/

Hi! when my fellow designer on comments on games hese played, it doesnt link to our game underneath his comment. :/  Hopefully this can be fixed?

The music for this is really great! Such a cute idea! :D And the ark level is a really neat twist on the game snake! great job! 

The art is pretty incredible! I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do and how to play, but again, the presentation is top notch! :D

crazy stuff starts to happen at 15000 if your willing to give it another go! :D

This games really great! Amazed at how many genuinely good puzzles there were! Peashooter with a gun is also top notch! Great stuff! :D

no problem! :D I got past that point so I'll play the rest of the game too!

OK! so I went back to play that level, and it looks like there,s a chance that jumping off the second flower WILL give you enough height to clear the level, but there's a chance you wont get enough height.  so the second bounce works as intended sometimes. I'm thinking it's a bug.

theres a part torwards the end of level 3 where (I think) your supposed to jump from one flower to the other then exit the level. when i try to do that, I phase through the second flower, or I successfully bounce off the second flower, but i don't get enough height to clear the second level. is this a bug, or am i just dumb??? :D

I like how clean the art is, and the puzzle mechanics were cool, however, I did get stuck on the third level. (browser). 

Very cute/ambitious game! The mini games were all pretty neat, However the game crashed on me during the rune tracing mini game(browser). I played it a second time and it didn't crash, but It studdered and the audio skipped.  That aside however, the game is really charming! :D

aw. I hope you get this in a playable state, it looks super cute! If you get it to run and update the game, let me know and I'll play/rate it! :D

This was i really cool idea! I feel like id be rehashing what others have already said, so I guess I agree with everyone below me :D the only critique I have is maybe some audio/visual feedback when you take damage. 

Thanks! :D

Thank you! :D Honestly though, me and me fellow designer were really impressed with the way your game looked! The use of parallaxing on the Galaxy and the stars in the background looked great, and I really like the Isometric perspective!