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(I wrote this in a review as well:) This game is super solid and awesome---great gameplay and great graphics! I wish there was a downloadable / desktop version, and a mobile version!

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Awesome game, great gameplay and art!!

The first time I tried the game, however, in the browser version, I wasn't able to move the character... And there doesn't seem to be an explanation of the controls, so I was super confused. When I tried playing the browser version again later, the movement seemed to work fine, and I'm not sure what's going on there...

Also, the game does seem to be a bit difficult, and I only played on "Easy" mode...

Also, I wish the camera always showed at least a little bit of stuff around / behind the player, regardless of where the cursor is pointing.

I like this game!! I wish there was a downloadable version...!

Also, just reached out to you on Twitter regarding weird antimalware software behavior, since I couldn't figure out your email...!


Ooh thank you for sharing!! ...But yeah I don't know Dutch, haha. But still interesting to see, thank you again!

Awesome!! I've just followed, and I look forward to updates about your games!!

Digital educational projects, you say...? That sounds very interesting too...!!

Also, have you thought of sharing development updates on Twitter? I think a lot of game developers are active there, and I follow many myself.

Thank you so much for sharing your story behind development (on your page)...! I am a teacher myself and find myself lacking in time and energy left for game development... You're an inspiration!