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I for sure would love to see more of this with an original character and IP! This game was fun, but so short.

My only suggestion is to allow controller support for PS/Xbox. I prefer some games with a controller and it just comes off a bit better IMO.

I downloaded the game just now and got a security alert, that a Trojan Dropper file was found and put into quarantine. I find that rather concerning

Me and you both, honestly. I do hope the trope is not gonna be in this game. I want more original or barely explored/unused tropes in Otome games.

They are in fact American from the KS page and stuff I've read. I honestly think the writing could be a bit better too though. 

It is a false positive. I downloaded it and no error popped up for me or a warning. The game download is safe.

I am totally gonna save playing this till Christmas.

I was close to backing this all those years ago. I will just wait for it to launch here or Steam.

Will have to give it a try sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for the help 

I came here and saw these errors/issues, so didn't download it yet. I'm hoping to play it on my stream even if just a couple hours or so of it. 

Congrats guys!

I'm personally waiting on it to hit 1.0 or so, but so far it was great.

A really creepy fishing game! the devs games are really fun to play, please check out their other games.

This game looks cute

Yep, it is quite fun. There's a lot of VNs free or paid on my profile. Some maybe a bit different than this one, though.

also check out don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story. it was a good game by a good VN dev. 

Seems like a neat concept! I may wait a bit for more content though.

You can still use your debit/credit card for payment on PayPal in case anybody is wondering. I use either my bank account info or debit card personally for PayPal.

Looking good! I decided to back on Kickstarter.

I have a suggestion -- if we have kids, have them grow up. I was going through old Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon stuff and have another idea....This came from A Wonderful Life.

When your child hits the toddler/teenager phase, have scenes/options where you can shape their personality/career. Will they continue being a rancher, or will they move into a different career?

Looks and sounds cute.

Obviously cannot stream this on Twitch, but still 100 percent supportin your game be it screenshots or whatever.

I think you're better off doing it on steam as updates usually get pushed there a bit faster than itch.

Ohhh, I thought so. Do the saves transfer over by chance?

Is this game still early access? I seen it mentioned a few times in the game.

Thanks for the press kit! I can finally show off some images and such.

If you ever want a voice actor, pls hire NicoB and the council of voices. Also, this is a lovely game! I cannot wait for more.

I loved the gameplay and story and writing. The artwork was alright, not a solid fan of it.

Gonna be streaming this prolly sometime in the future!

Looking like it'll be great

I think I did try and back this, but my payment never went thru then. Aaah well, I will need to get it ASAP!

I thought I did back this. Huh, guess not.