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I think you're better off doing it on steam as updates usually get pushed there a bit faster than itch.

Ohhh, I thought so. Do the saves transfer over by chance?

Is this game still early access? I seen it mentioned a few times in the game.

Ok, I'll email you ASAP!

Thanks for the press kit! I can finally show off some images and such.

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I am confused maybe a the entire thing done, or is it coming out every 2-3 months per episode? (telltale style, or dontnod style)

edit: nevermind! Is there anyway to DM or email you to request to stream the other episodes?

If you ever want a voice actor, pls hire NicoB and the council of voices. Also, this is a lovely game! I cannot wait for more.

I loved the gameplay and story and writing. The artwork was alright, not a solid fan of it.

Gonna be streaming this prolly sometime in the future!

Looking like it'll be great

I think I did try and back this, but my payment never went thru then. Aaah well, I will need to get it ASAP!

I thought I did back this. Huh, guess not.