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Yeah, we really need to work on easing the player into the battle system some more, maybe add some stages or short tutorials/explanations between adding runes. Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, I figured that maybe we should have added more stages and maybe some tutorial in-game, but it was a bit hard to fit everything in 48 hours. Thanks for the feedback!

Just wanted to say that this is one of the best VNs I have ever played. Art and story are A++ I hope someone will translate more of Uzumeya's works because I only understand a little bit of Japanese TT_TT

I'm kinda late, but I finally created an account so that I can comment here.

This game is absolutely awesome, it has everything I want in a VN -- interesting characters, great story, great art, and great world-building! I especially liked how you enjoy the story from Gry's epic POV. (lol)

I've played quite a lot of VNs, and this one is definitely included in my favorite list now ;) I am super looking forward to your next games!