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It looks very mysterious and kinda spooky so I'm excited to see how it'll come out in the future!

This was a really cool experience and I really enjoyed it. I got the endings in order and all on my first try, which was pretty cool.

It's fun to see how the dialogues change when you're on your second and third run, since usually they wouldn't (lowkey gave me an Undertale vibe, which was awesome). Definitely will play more games from the Developer(s) ^^

This was so fun to play lol I kind of want another 

I was finally able to play it! Thanks to the devs for fixing that not-moving bug! It was short but the all hallway thing made me feel super dizzy. I'll definitely play the full game when it comes out

I just downloaded and at the very beginning I can't move at all. I tried redownloading and the character still doesnt move (I tried both arrow keys, wasd and every other button on my keyboard?