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Haha thanks

As long as it's just artwork and not a finished game or map it's fine

The theme of this jam is Each Level is a Different Game, but it's entirely optional. However how well you follow the theme is a voting criteria, so you have a higher chance of winning the $10 prize the more you follow it.

The following are the Rigid Jam rules. If you do not follow these rules, your game will be removed.

1. Common premade tools such as game engines, code editors, and music/artwork creators are allowed. This includes things like Unity, Bosca Ceoil, and Photoshop.
2. Your game must be completed within the jam's time duration of one week.
3. Your game should strive to match the jam's theme as closely as you can, but it's not required. This aspect of your game will be voted on later.
4. Premade game assets are a sort of gray area. Anything that is completely prebuilt such as maps, premade levels, models, and templates are not allowed.
5. However, small pieces used to aid the monotonous parts of development such as movement scripts, artwork, music, and sound effects are allowed with attribution as long as you have the legal right to use them.
6. Your games must be kept SFW (no explicit content).
7. Any game that is caught breaking these rules will be removed with no questions asked. However, it's not hard to follow these guidelines, and they should be common sense anyway.
8. You do not need to include a timelapse, but it helps to prove the legitimacy of your game.
9. You can form teams up to 4 in size, or go solo. All members of your team must follow the same two hour time.
10. Games from this jam can be submitted to other jams as long as they permit doing so, and vice versa. However, all rules still apply to games initially created for other jams.
11. Suspicious, malicious, illegal, or spam games will be removed without question.
12. If your game has been removed unfairly, please DM a member of the staff team and ask about it.
13. If you find a game breaking these rules, please report it to the staff.

Please put in your game's description the source of all content used in your game.


Unfortunately this has to be removed from the jam because you used a full premade map with little to no modification.

I think this would be more fun with some music and improved physics, but I enjoyed it! Nice job :)

Not exactly sure what the goal is but it's a fun sandbox nonetheless :)

The music was a bit repetitive, but I like the gameplay!

It's a fun mechanic, I wish you didn't have to reload every time though!

Two days

The jam will end in 17 hours from this reply. Once it's over the submissions will be displayed publicly and the RigidNetwork staff will rate them. The highest ranked game will win.

This game's is really good! Would be cool with some more levels, but other than that I love it!

Thanks for participating in the jam. The theme is posted in the Discord server here

But is also updated here when the game jam starts!

We like it when people create timelapses of their games; but this is purely optional. We trust people to an extent. If the game is suspicious, we look further into it and if we can find hints that it wasn't made in two hours, it will be removed. Things like checking which jams it was submitted to, uploas date, searching the web for copies, etc.

Nice job! And thank you for participating, it's really fun to see all the amazing games and sometimes make my own for this.

This is extremely fun

It would be awesome if you made a Mac version of this; it looks really neat.

Rigid Jam 16 community · Created a new topic Jam Theme

The theme of this jam is Balls! Sorry for the delay in posting it here. Join our discord for more info!

Aw ty. I wish I had time to add the visuals and audio though haha


New update: Provide proof for your development time if you enter for prizes.

Rigid Jam 12 community · Created a new topic Prize Info
(2 edits)

Prizes in Rigid Jam are, and always will be, optional. But how do they work?

To enter for prizes, simply pay $5 to the paypal listed on the jam page. If you enter a different amount, it is considered a donation, and is completely refundable. Every entry is equivelant to $4 for prizing.

If you submit a chargeback, you will be removed from the prize pool.

When the jam ends, the top 1-10 people who entered for prizing (depending on the number of entries) will receive prizes. If only one people did, they will simply receive their money back.

For example, if four people entered for prizes, the following is what the payout may look like: First place $8, second $4, third: $3.

Also if you decide to enter for prizes, make sure you provide proof of the development time (stream, timelapse, etc.)

And yes, the overall winner is still what is recorded on the leaderboard.

If you have any questions, ask in this topic.

Hokay lmfao

You beat my highscore of 1000 :P

Thanks :3 I wish I had time to make a Rigid Jam game too but I sadly didn't. I was going to add music, but decided to add an end screen instead lol

Unfortunately I can't play Windows games, bit good luck! It looks cool from the image!

I love this game, the theme, music, all of it! Would love to see more levels, good job!

Nice job! I love the gameplay.

If your files got corrupted, you can restart. It doesn't count if you can't recover your progress, so have fun !

You don't have to use the theme, but it will be rated higher if you do

Sorry for being late.

Yeah certainly! Teams of any size are allowed, just mention the size of the team in the description!

Good question - You can record a time lapse if you would like, but it's not required. Generally we assume that people will be honest. There isn't really a reward for winning at the moment, so that is probably the case.