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Right Clique

A member registered Dec 26, 2021

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Oh, you want a demo of the game? Too bad, here's a download... for pictures. -_-

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Wrong. Features previously available have already been blocked behind Patreon. 

If you want to sell this, then why not simply sell it rather than go through Patreon?

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Trust is earned and you've provided no reason why you should be trusted. Everyone has MC already and it's in the gutter now since Microsoft bought it. You can't even play without migrating your data so that MS can add you to their database which is the only reason they bought it. You can't even play without logging in to THREE authentication servers, one for MS, one for Xbox, and one for Mojang.

MC was great, before MS scooped it up and turned it into a data mining farm.

And your logic is ill placed, there's plenty of room for games of the same genre, or do you really think that there should only be one shooter, one strat, one rpg, one survival game, one voxel game, etc?

I like it. I could see it being the mining aspect of a larger game.