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Woohoo! Best of luck with the rest of this one. :)
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Awesome work, Frostnoble! Had fun checking this one out, thanks for making it and I look forward to more of the game!

Awesome stuff, will stay tuned!

Really interesting project, great work on this and while I'm not sure if it's the complete game, I found a couple of bugs in my playtime and I hope you'll continue working on it!

I want to play this, but I'm unsure why an RPG Maker demo is 1gb?

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Hi all! I wanted to create a little guide for upscaling RPG Maker 2000/2003 resources to work with RPG Maker MV! This is a simple breakdown of how I do this and I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have!

  1. You can find a ton of resources made for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 on the following sites. You can find characters (charsets) and chipsets (tilesets) on the Charas database. Save everything you want to use to a folder outside of your game folder.
    1. Charas Resources -
    2. VIPRPG Material Storage -

  2. Check your game to see what size tiles you're using (the standard in RPG Maker MV is 48x48, but RPG Maker MZ provides a bunch of options)

  3. Use the RPG Maker 2000 --> MV material converter by krmbn057 to upscale your graphics:
    1. For expansion method, enlarging the dot picture will make it upscale the sprites, but enlarging smoothly will smoothen the lines and soften the look.
    2. For magnification, 2 times will make it the size of the MV characters and maps
  4. Save your upscaled graphics to the appropriate game folders inside your project (GameFolder > img > characters)

PS: This process also works with tilesets (aka chipsets) from RPG Maker 200(3) as well, but the implementation process requires a bit more explanation.

Hell yea

Perfect plan!

Thanks for this little cutie game! Loved the nods and references as well :) A great little break from work today!

Awesome job with this one, Morso! Enjoyed the first 1 1/2 hours and can't wait to dig deeper! Looking forward to whatever it is you do next.

friends :-)

Had a blast playing this one! :)

Awesome game! A perfect GB-styled adventure!

Thanks for the cool project! Great music!!!!

Fun demo, excited to see what else comes from it!

Please make a game for this jam.



Appreciate you greatly :)

Thanks for making this game! Looking forward to what else you make. :)

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I really enjoyed this, thank you for making it!

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This game is terrifying in both its execution and the experience itself. Something about the volume increase of the "music" as M*rio approaches. Thanks for this!

I really can't wait for the rest of this game! The humor, the music and the pixel art is all top notch. The game is a fantastic successor to Buggerworld, and I'm excited to see the full version!

This was definitely one of the most unique projects I've played in a while! I made a video, so I came to share it. Hope this isn't the last game I get to play from you!

Nice! Love your work!

Glad to hear you're still working on this and Bardsong! Best of luck :)

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An incredible experience.

I think these kinds of templates are super important for developers, so thanks for making this! I might open it up this weekend and try to make something fun. If I do so, I'll also play with some plug-ins and report back on what functions correctly with this! GALV stuff is the best, and I use a lot too, so I'm sure there's some great opportunities.

Also, the title says "Sidecroller", which I assume is a typo. :)

Can't wait for Super Assfuck RPG 2

This game rules. PLAY IT!

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Thanks for taking part in the jam and producing this gem of a game, dude!

The full game is going to be worth every second you'll spend obsessing over it. This is a great adventure RPG and a great inspiration for RPG Maker 2003 games! Loved the demo.

Fun project! Can't wait to see more. :)

This is such a cool project! Thanks for making it!
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Great demo! Lots of potential here. Best of luck finishing the game! :)

I really enjoyed the premise, the functionality and the style of this game! I think it could use some work in the balancing, but other than that I had a pretty nice time overall! Thanks for making this.

Bongo 2 truly lived up to being the Zelda 2 of the series. The details in this game are awesome, but without any kind of proper balancing, it was way too difficult to finish.

Looking forward to Bongo 3: A Bongo to the Past!

This game was a really unique concept for the Puyo Puyo series and it was surprising to get into the gameplay! Thanks for making this one :)

Thanks Calunio! Still a lot to work on, but it started as an experiment using Sidewinder91's awesome RTP edits. A great way to try out some plug-ins and features!

As for what's in store... time will tell. :)

Awesome demo, can't wait to see what becomes of the full game!