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When people say "Super Mario RPG deserves a REAL sequel", they may not realize it, but THIS was the game they were asking for.

Certified hood classic. One of the best RM2k3 experiences I'll have all year.

Great game! Really enjoyed what I've played so far in this game, and I think you used the RM engine well too. Looking forward to playing more.

Game of the year 2024!
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Sharing my playthrough of the game jam games:

  • Part 1 (Games by Bloody-kun, SergeSkunk, RagnarokAesthetic, Bennymakesgames, Cutievirus, Good Stew, WrathOfWood, and Blunderscore)
  • Part 2 (Games by Illybeans, boxxoclay, AutistMouse, and Narcodis)

As well as a couple of games played by Bloody-Kun (no commentary):

Feel free to share your own videos of playthroughs here, too! :0)

This was a really nicely put together game behind a hilarious meme title. Thanks for making it!
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For anyone working in 2k or 2k3:

(Created by Mimicry_Xrd - thank you!)

Oh, for sure! Sorry that is unclear. You're welcome to include blood and stuff. Totally mean the over-the-top stuff. Thanks for asking!

These sprites and battlers are fantastic, thanks so much!!

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About the music: All of the music provided in this resource pack is created by me. The music included in the OGG and MP3 folders are different. Feel free to use the songs however you'd like. Additionally, if you're looking for more music to use in your games:

Honestly, use whatever you want (within reason) but try to give credit where credit is due.

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Thank you for your participation in the DZ & Riggy Jam!

Before we get started, I encourage you to read the following rules before beginning your project:

  1. Game must feature Riggy2k3 and DZPG1 in some way, shape or form.
  2. Game should be developed within the length of the game jam (between 2/25 and 3/3).
  3. Games using RPG Maker 2000 or 2003 should include the proper RTP files needed when uploaded.
  4. Please do not include any sexual, graphic (over-the-top violence), or offensive (read: hateful) content.
  5. You are encouraged but not required to use content from this folder.

You're invited to use anything you find in the project folders of the games DELUGE, and DZ & Riggy vs. the World(s) II.

Feel free to post any questions you may have here!

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CLICK HERE to download the resource pack for the DZ & Riggy game jam.

These sprites were primarily created by UPRC, with a couple of custom sprites done by myself (the cat is an edit of the work of Garakuta). 

If you are using RPG Maker MZ/MV and want to work in the same style of the resources...

  1. Click here to download the RTP for RPG Maker 2000 or RPG Maker 2003.
  2. Click here to use Kuramubon's "RM2000 Material Converter" to upscale the graphics to work in MV/MZ.
  3. Furthermore, don't be afraid to dig into the files of DZ & Riggy vs. the World(s) II! You'll find various characters, tilesets, memes, and more!

Looking for more resources to use in your project?

*It is encouraged that you purchase a copy of RPG Maker 2000/2003 when using RM's RTP assets.
** If there is something in particular that you're looking for, please post below! We'll make it happen.

What can I say? This is as Dark Souls as it gets.

This game was something else. Didn't get very far but I was intrigued the entire time!
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Hi Whoopsie! Thanks for playing and I hope these clues help:

  1. For the three paintings, check out the shelf in the bottom left section of the house that the easel puzzle is in.
  2. The door in the cellar needs a key you'll receive once you've defeated all of the monsters.
  3. The directional puzzle is for a dungeon later on in the game.
  4.  You can't leave town :)

A game for hardcore UPRC fans only...

So hype for the next installment.....

Awesome game! Really enjoyed the aesthetic and I liked the gameplay. :)
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Cool teaser! Definitely could use some more content to keep the player's interest past this demo, but I enjoyed what I tried and hope you're still working on this!!

Oh boy, time to replay this one......... :3

Had a couple of issues with understanding what I was doing, but I had a nice time and I really enjoyed the dialog, gameplay loop and the art! Thanks for making and sharing this game!

Hi there! Great stuff, but what size are the tiles?

Thanks for this translation! Very interesting game.

Only played a short burst of this one, but it was fun!

I didn't learn whether or not bugs would want to smoke weed if given the option, but after playing this game I want to smoke weed.

I just streamed VOM yesterday and here you are with another banger! Looking forward to checking this one and your other games out. Don't ever stop making cool stuff.

Amazing! Keep going, can't wait for more!!!

I had such a fun time playing this and I can't wait to play more! Nice of you to pick up the torch left behind by Diablo 1 and create something like this. It satisfied that itch and I can't wait to try and dig even further into it next time!

The game is such a unique experience and I'm really glad I got to finally try it out! There's a bit of a difficulty curve I feel like could use some massaging and a little bit more hand-holding would be helpful in the beginning, but that aside I think this project is growing into itself quite well and I can't wait to play more when it's finished!

Nice for immersion, cool plugin!

Two GOTYs in one year... truly impressive.

This game was so much fun, I love these little guys and thank you all for hanging out (and for the cameo!) during the playthrough.

Really cute little project with a lot of fun Undertale-feeling gags and some unique encounters. I think that after the first time you run through their little bits the encounters get a little stale, but learning their weaknesses allows the player to breeze through them. Really enjoyed streaming this, thanks for making it!

So many legends worked on this and it was super fun to play! I recorded a quick playthrough but I'll probably revisit because I didn't figure out a use case for a certain item... Hope this becomes a full project and curious if it'll be a mobile game upon completion!

Thank u fang for this great little game and for my new favorite video game spider :0)

Thanks for making this game!
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Played this game on stream, and while it was cool I felt like I was stuck at a certain point and couldn't move on. I think you've got a cool idea here, so I hope you continue working on it!

Finally got to play this and what a treat. I'm excited to get back into it and try out some different builds and score some interesting lore! 

$25 on Steam for a game you previously labeled as "donationware"? That's disappointing to hear. I love Mystic Quest and would love to play this.