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I’m now coming bact to this and am… Baffled at the math for attacks at higher levels. So, assuming you’re rolling your entire hit die chain to absorb, how do you actually deal damage past level 3? As far as i can tell, you don’t get any more dice to roll besides your weapon’s singular damage dice?

Is there a way to reset the example dice bags if i mess something up in them?

the character sheet does'nt seem to be in the pdf...

So like this?

Attack vs 5d8 + armor->Remainder vs 4d8+life -> keep repeating?

So how about losing dice? When something breaks that first roll, do you lose one from the highest stack, or all of them?

So in combat, when you roll hitt dice to soak after level 1, do you roll all of the top level dice in the chain, or just one of them? 
Additionally if you roll all of them, do you loose all of them if you fail to soak?
I feel like that's not the intent, as that would essentially mean you're only ever going to soak when you're at your highest die, and every character can only hake 3 hits.

I noticed there was an update recently, What's in the changes?

Did the game get renamed? i think this used to be called QZ?

Just to be sure, is this universe sandbox 1/legacy, or the rebranded universe sandbox 2?

You mention two other adventures in this book, when are they going to be available?

There's no file...

Was this game free previously? We remember seeing an 0.6 e in the origional 6e jam...

Any plans for another print run?

is there a mailing list i could join to notify me of the restock?

(Barring current events) Are there plans for another print run of the game?

Would you be willing to write up a tutorial on how one would make textures like this?