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really obsessed with this game so far, even though i told myself i would just play it for sillies since visual novels really arent my scene. but i can positively say that the art style is phenomenal, and - like many others - i truly do have my heart set for crux. hes such a pretty guy, man. id be lying if i said i didnt quick save any interaction with him just to see what he would say to everything.

no rush on any updates but i do truly look forward to them !! ill keep this game bookmarked and nearby me, ready for whatevers next. great work !! <3

i drank the water right in front of the water guy thanks for letting me make his day terrible

im back i got the other ending i love this game even more now thank you crayonmelon i love fishing i love the other ending and i love you

WAIT THERES A FUCKING GUN ?? im replaying the game hold on

i literally just wanted to piss what the fuck was that guys deal

jokes aside i genuinely did enjoy this, the humor is right up my alley and i adore the texture/style of it. i also dig the bathroom. really nice bathroom.

dragonfirebreath123 redemption arc

dragonfirebreath123 villian arc

had i know that the tv in the bedroom as an objective sooner i wouldve easily gotten it. cant wait to watch the speedruns to this. 

i fucking wormed myself through the entire game.

also fuck you carl

you eerily sound like this person i know who has no bones and wears another mans skin...

i really-really love this game.

i have owned this for maybe a year or 2 now, and so far i really do enjoy it. the music, the graphics, and just the feel of it are all peaceful and enjoyable. i found times where i leave the game on to enjoy the music, or just walk around really slowly, sinking in the visuals.

i do have one question though, are there any interactions as of right now in the game that were also in the original game ? if so, how do you trigger them ? if not, thats fine as well, just curious and willing to know if they will be added.

great stuff, figglewatts :)

OBSESSED with this game i have so many screenshots of fennel on my laptop now. genuinely cannot wait to see more from this game. the art-style (so-so-so pretty by the way), the conversations, the humor. i just love it. visual novels typically arent my thing, but i couldnt NOT try this game. 

i really look forward to it being finished. take your time of course, im just admittedly attached to fennel and spot <3

had to try out this after playing ball pit. also playable. thanks for allowing my mom and i to have a funky silly old time, gloopo

it was playable