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Riko Wama-Ananda

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So now i played this and hair in the wall and i playd sleepthrough. Last week i download many games because i not always on the internet. I made me a account here to say thank you to the developers.

I played your games and was realy fantastic about the storys and the games you have make. And that you give them as free games so many players can download.

I am here to say thank you. I love your games.

i like this game because it was so strange to me. but i like strange storys.

so i am going to play this again , thank you for creating this game.

Last week i finded this website itch and downloaded a lot games and now made a account to thank all developrs of the games i have played. 

For you this is special because you are a special soul. i have read all your text you wrote and in your game i hope found all journals. and the text that was in the download. if no person had told you iam here now to say to you that you are special. i sure i understand why you make this story as horror game because people like this games. i like horror games too. i know not all players will understand what the real meaning is. and some not understand that this is many hard work and long time to create this.
you createt this with love and give it free to all people. it is not complete but you work on it.
you created this game with many love and telling a story that is more in this times than some person will recognise. it is the ghosts of nature and this world who make revenge on all the poison weapon and war production. some people endet as trees and with plastics in thier skin and body. and nature has eaten the chemical factory and the secret productions. as player i keep this in mind because the game brings this in scaring scenes. i know you lie when you say i never createt a horror game. it is not true becuse this is a master work. i needed 5 hours to play and then i came to the fin. this is not a short game and i was afraid the hole time playing this. it is awesome.

i hope you like these words, they come with love to you. so i wanted to say thank you. sorry for wrong english. i wish you can make this game complete. and i am sure the good ghosts of the nature will always stay by your side.

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I like this game it a nice little experience. When i was child i was always afraid of scarecrows, so the reasen it was much scary because i remember that. But that is funy. When we were young the parents say dont eat from the plants because the stroipop (scarecrow) are watching you and then they will eat you :) now this make me smile but in the past it was horror i was not able to sleep.

i want to say thank you. i love the idea and the style you made this game. Hope this text is right sorry for bad english
gave you 5 stars

Thank you for this game it is great. I was afraid and frightened but it was fun. i like the grafic style and you can see it is not important to make photorealistic grafic to make good games.

You must make more games like this they are really cool :) i gave this 5 stars

This was realy cool game and made me much afraid. Your story is very good i love the grafic style of your game. thank you much for making your free game. :)