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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the quick response!

I still believe that voice chat would add some extra dimensions and longevity to the game play for players that don't have friends also playing the game. From experience, when I play alone many players jump out of the match after a round or two, forcing me to switch servers and/or game play modes in order to keep on playing. When I play with friends, we easily play 10 rounds before switching modes as there is conversation, rivalry, and the occasional slander. For a game that is a great stealthy point and shoot game, but with no award system in place for continuous player engagement, the game (in my opinion) needs another avenue of player engagement, i.e. voice chat.

I do, however, respect your creative direction of the game and vision to keep it toxic free. Just some food for thought. I will release a funny compilation video of the fun times I have had with the game.

Keep up the great work


Hey Devs,

I'm not sure if this was already posted, but are there plans to bring Voice Chat to What the Box? I didn't see it listed in your list of tasks or anywhere in the game updates' notes. Considering 99% of the videos posted on YouTube about your game contains friends playing together over a 3rd party game chat system, I don't get why there isn't in game voice chat.

I tired playing the game on my own, but without any real interaction between players via voice chat, the game gets kinda of dull. It would be awesome to drop box jokes or initiate rivalries when playing with random people. And no in game text is not as fun. Its hard to recommend the game to others who generally play solo or with a very limited number of ppl.

Also, are there any plans to allow community map making for your game? And how big is your team?

Thanks for your time. FYI I already got 4 of my friends to play this game and they all like it so far!