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Casual speedrun but it was a blast. Any other runners?

I've been addicted to speedrunning this game since I discovered it. Possibly 100% speedrun WR?

Been wanting to play this classic for awhile and even saw there's a sequel now too ! played them both and had a blast! thank you for making these :)

Means a lot!

I loved the game! Definitely vibed with the second boss. Greg scares me though. 

I llove it! Gave me a good laugh 

Oh yeah I understand! Just maybe even another level or two would be neat 

I can definitely see the inspiration from Crazy Taxi which is one of my all time favorite childhood games. Will there ever be additions to the game? It feels a bit short while I find myself wanting more. There is also little incentive to upgrade during the classic mode with the current length.

This is my new favorite game right now. Built really well for speed running. Thank you for the awesome experience!

I loved this game. Very reminiscent of Happy Wheels. Thank you for making this!

This game was not what I expected. In the best of ways. Thanks for making a fun experience :)

Had some fun with this one, killer could've maybe had the ability to open doors but other than that, good stuff! Thanks for making it!

I had a lot of fun with this one! Lol. Thank you for making the game and thank you for the opportunity 

This was my favorite christmas game lmao the clapping of Santa's ass cheeks was not expected

Short and sweet! Would be fun to add extra easter eggs and endings

I featured this in my 3 scary games video it was hilarious ! Always appreciate the meme games

This game turned into a rage game for me lol 

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This game me flashbacks to my irl horrors of retail. 10/10 

game had good atmosphere and sound. Ending was a little predictable but a fun experience either way. I loved your game! It was one of the most enjoyable horror experiences I’ve ever had lmao. Especially enjoyed beating up the baby to try and remove the demon. absolutely loved the game! The atmosphere and the video samples really added confusion and a feeling of helplessness. The disorienting music also was utilized pretty well. Keep it up!

THS BURGER JOINT BLEW MY MIND | Happy's Humble Burger Barn

love the game! Was not ready for that ending though haha. It was super refreshing to play with the jokes and the twists. Keep making great games!