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aha right, i see. no problem, thanks for that!

ah i see. at least i know now, it was bothering thinking that no matter what i connect is always wrong. so i may be right, i just need to... connect the dots

there's one paper that says vietnam, 1965. is there another locked section that has the 60's and 50's etc? i saw in a video a door being opened but it seems i'm the only one who got dealt a bad hand with having a tiny brain that can't solve jack shit

shouldn't all the black bars on the papers go away and reveal themselves when i connect the twine correctly? please help me cause i am stuck

shouldn't all the black bars on the papers go away and reveal themselves when i connect the twine correctly? please help me cause i am stuck

thanks heaps cole! now i can finish the game :)

awesome, thanks heaps!

can you make an easy version of this, one that doesn't piss me off? i'll be typing normally and my key just fucks itself off. make a separate version where people can just type random shit with no timer or bugs sticking their dick in the keys and flicking it off. i love the mechanical sounds and look, so being able to type random shit would be awesome. or to type the same things but with no stress

really want to contact you further than just itchio, so was wondering if you have an email i could talk to you with

oh my god you're kidding me! XD i literally looked at that and got down 161/15 but not that one haha wow.  also i'm stuck on 590/7 and 215/66, what drawer/year get those ref #? sorry to bother, i'm just really damn intrigued with this game and want to get it finished :D thanks for the help cole. so close to getting all the boxes :)

thank you heaps, you're a legend for having that option since it's not everyone's style. some people will just straight up force you to have it!

i've gotten all the drawers right but had to use the steam walkthrough to do this one. what drawer and country do i find the os # 786/95 in?

just wondering if it's possible? it's not anywhere in the graphics menu, i'm just not a fan of it is all

yeah, great, exactly what i'm looking for. thanks for the advice!

awesome, thanks heaps for the reply! getting gamemaker now and will hopefully make a game soon. i see what you mean with having an endless game - that's sort of what i'm thinking of making. i like it since i can come back to it and just play it to relax if i'm angry or stressed. i can turn on some music, drink an irish coffee and read some mail. keep up the good work!

hey mate, enjoyed this quick game. what engine was this made in, is this unity? i'm thinking of making a game in this style for myself but with a few more options. cheers

hey sa_ko. do you think at any point you could make a tutorial on how to make a papers please esque game? i really want to make one and was hoping you could help people like me out. is it made with unity?

happened to me a few times which is another reason you want to save with this game. but it's where your reticle stays the same no matter what you do or try to pick up. it's just a circular dot. you can even walk on counters, tables and spill/knock everything over. this happened to me on day 13 and it's completely ruined my save since no matter how many times i load it back up, the reticle bug is still there meaning i have to start a new game. speaking of which; this game should not be played as a serious game. it's really a test of how long you can play it before the game breaking bugs happen. which of course they happen right around the time you're making money and enjoy it. absolutely sucks! doesn't help the creator abandoned the game, i'd pay extra for them to come back to it and fix everything 

this has great potential. i recommend adding more options for the coffee. putting in filters, coffee, filling up the water for it like coffee please by weasel. add a computer somewhere where we can type on a mechanical keyboard. maybe write documents and put them in folders or put them in envelopes in a small mail box connected to the wall near the front door. at a shit sprint button to go faster

does this work without vr? i launched it but just had a gray screen. this looks really good, hoping i can play this

i guess it's just a teaser as well. doubt the whole game will be like that, i like mike since he doesn't solely rely on jumpscares, it's usually atmosphere which he nails every time

please can someone chime in to tell me how to use the espresso machine and what goes in what. i put the water in but i can't put beans or anything else in. when i put the metal frothy/foam milk cup in the machine my mouse cursor pops up and i can't do anything... does espresso just not work?

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but i have a chair, table and coffee machine. how do i take these out? with small boxes you press 3 and it works. but with furniture or big boxes you can't take anything out, please help! this is serious. without more chairs and tables you can't really continue on with the game

edit: figured it out - you have to drop the box, press 2, then left click it to take things out! i think they should tell you that so you don't waste a day in real time trying to figure it out

i know how to take out small things like milk, coffee etc, you press 3. but what to do with chairs, mats, espresso machines? i pressed 2 which came up with an icon but literally couldn't do anything

awesome, will chuck you one now!

think this is just me not figuring out what to do... how do i open furniture boxes and ones with tape?

• move the tray (where we put the stuff down for the customer) and make it bigger cause spilling on that is literally unfair - there's hardly any space to deal with and its position is so off centre and awkward, you end up having to look up as high as the mouse lets you to place it and you have a damn good chance it's gonna fall over and spill

• we should be able to see what's in stock if it's low, med or high. maybe with the "my store" button, there should also be stock with coffee, filters, food etc

• make things a little cheaper for the player ($30 for a sponge just to get it tomorrow), food as well is too expensive, we should be able to get things the same day without losing 60% of our money, that's outrageous.

• don't charge so much for everything, when you're starting out everything that would be a decent price in the real world, is way too expensive in the game. please lower the cost of buying things - the main things like bakery items, 

• music stops infinitely, it stopped once and never started again - this got fixed for me for now

• shouldn't have to crouch to clean dirt/puddles (maybe crouch when using the sponge

• can't pick things up (i think it's only coins/cash) when someone's spilt coffee on them

• can't clean dirt with the starter mop and a bought mop (this is day 8 and onward)

• don't make it too overwhelming in the later days. it doesn't give the player enough time to breath at all and they have to close the door to grab cups, coins, clean puddles and dirt but to still keep up with the speed of angry customers. increase the amount per day but don't overencomber the player with customers

can't believe that's your first game (3d at least). that's bloody impressive man. that's no good that something like code can prevent adding features, what a damn shame! but yeah keep it up!

also mike, is there any way i could contact you about a possible game?

heaps good mike! such a short experience with a lot of satisfaction. i don't know why but when it drops the object out of the crane it scared the shit out of me XD, looking forward to the whole release! keep up the good work 

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how do you turn the water valve? i've tried everything. i feel so stupid

edit: nevermind i got it. i activated all 3 but you have to have water deactivated to turn the valve - all good

one thing i'd add is a drop button like the other side

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hey mike, really loved the game. i have really bad anger issues and raged quit a game, i opened this one up cause to see how i'd go and it actually helped a lot. i stopped when the security section kicked in cause i was already pretty stressed, angry and anxious. but that short little experience of just moving around and clicking things made me calm down so i'm gonna play this a bit more.

i'm in the negatives with money at the moment XD but i'm willing to donate extra if you could maybe add a few things and make it a seperate download (so you don't have to change it for everyone else), this is just so it could maybe help us with some sort of issue to feel more enjoyment with the game.

• make the errors rng so it feels like a slightly different game each time

• able to click buttons on the computer really fast or if you look at the keyboard/ click on it - you can type random keys to make it feel like you're doing something (clicking mechanical keys help me too). a cool thing is when it says to press 5 buttons, you can technically type out start. so maybe do something where you can just type start rather than click the buttons?

• if you do make it a separate download (i'm new to and this is my first game so i don't know if that's possible), perhaps stop the game at the first wall so if someone's already stressed or something like that they don't have to deal with being timed and what not.

that's about it. other than that the game was awesome to me: the sound design, the music, the gameplay, everything. for something so simple it was so effective. so yeah, those are just some things i'd like to play with when i'm just going through an outburst and even stress/anxiety.

in the meantime, i've seen you've got some other games and was wondering if some of them are at all like this one? so far i'm looking at control room and system upkeep and they look pretty good... like i said, i'm willing to pay extra for this separate game file, thanks mike