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what do u mean with "gay" ?

Really good game! but pls add Saving... and here some other ideas:

-Multiplayer ~ Pls make it possible to play with others (it makes it really attraktive to youtubers cuz they can play it with friends) :)

-Items ~ Pls Add some more items to the game it would make the game better!

-Gamemodes ~ pls add gamemodes :O Pussy mode (no need to eat or drink & no sharks) Easy mode (no sharks) Easy mode 2 (no need to eat or drink but there are sharks!) normal mode ( normal ) HARDCORE MODE (2 Sharks and you need to eat and drink more as normal) and CHUCK NORRIS MODE (5 sharks and you have to eat and drink EXTREME more as normal and you cant craft a Spear)

-Underwater ~ Pls make it possible to search 1m under the sea for other materials like Quarz but it has to be more Rare it would make more buildings but when u build with Quarz u need to have balloons at the rim of your "Ship"

-Player ~ Pls add a player model 'cuz the shadow of the player is very "Special" like my mom called me. (joke! or not? ;D)

-Armor ~ pls add armor, it dont have to be amazing but its very annoying when u try to take the materials and this dumb shark bites u while u fall in...

-Movement ~ the movement is very annoying to begin cuz u dont have enough space to move cuz its so slippery

thanks for reading this :) the most important things are save games and mutliplayer ^^