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This is a really scary game. Like a legitimately scary one. I made a video on this game and seeing Siren Head walking around you and making noises to cripple you constantly is a horrifying experience. This game would be amazing for VR but it would be a terrifying experience at the same time. Here's is the link to my video if you want to see him up close and personal. He even teleported around the place and stalked my from above the trees...

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! I make videos on a bunch of other weird games so if you want to check out my channel to laugh your butt off even more, here's the link!

Absolute best game ever. I had literally no bad feedback (except maybe do a spell check) but this is the best game in existence and nobody can disagree.

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Absolutely loved this game. I love rogue-like games and horror games and this one just does everything right. I actually found a bug with one of the keys so I made a video on the game. Here it is if you wanna see it. Hope this helps but nonetheless it's an amazing game! 

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This is an absolutely awesome game! It's so simple yet such a fun experience! Honestly when it ended, I just wanted to keep playing more haha. Can't wait to see where this game goes and I will definitely keep an eye out for future releases! Here's the link to my Youtube video if you wanna laugh yourself off for a couple minutes lol

You guys are madmen, you almost made me fall off my chair multiple times in a span of 10 minutes. Here's my playthrough if you want to watch my screams lol

Played through this amazing disturbing game and absolutely loved it. I need more of these types of games in my life. Here is my playthrough of it and wow, what an experience!