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Rick_Sanchez FOR LIFE!!!

A member registered Sep 13, 2017

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PLZ MAKE A downloadable version

I downloaded this game and I set the graphics to the lowest. but now I cant change it back. plz help

thanks ill check em out now

oh and also can you maybye have a setting to turn off motion blur. my pc runs fine with it but it makes me feel weird and get a headache

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I have a Lenovo thinkpad laptop windows 8.1 but I have no idea what the other stuff is, (not great with computers) can you try having a 640x480, I have a game i play and it runs fine on that resolution. thanks so much for replying though :)

hey man, sorry i'm a bit late to the party on this game but I was wondering of you could maybe add more than 2 res settings since I have a kind of bad computer and I really want to play your game with at least somewhat smooth controls. thnx and btw your game looks amazing!!!