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Really clever interpretation of the theme, first subverting your expectations with Pong and then when you fail to hit the "ball" the ball flies off screen and turns into a car. I got beaten by the "It's not me, it's the gun" mini-game as I wasn't quick enough to grab the stuff before it got destroyed. The racing mini-game was great, although even if I responded and aimed correctly the enemy cars were still able to hit me before they got destroyed. The mini-games felt really well designed though and were fun!

Loved the sound effects and soundtrack, nice way of doing those it really fits the game! Got up to 160 score in the shooting mini-game.

Hey, thanks for the constructive feedback, appreciate it a lot! The 1.0 version has some game breaking bugs that mess with the feel and also some stuff that should've been polished more. We just released a 1.1 version that was updated post-jam today that fixed a lot of stuff and I hope also touched on all the problems you had with the game. The player hitbox in 1.0 was bugged sadly, the guns you can pick up have a decently big hitbox and the game counted that as your hitbox when you held it.

Thank you for checking it out and for the feedback! Yeah the UI was bugged in the jam version, we just released a 1.1 version post-jam with the fixes for that and other bugs.

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback. Most of those things have been fixed in the 1.1 post-jam update!

Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words! Yeah we addressed all those things in the post-jam update which we'll be uploading soon, those were definitely pretty big issues for the feel of the game.

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback! I just figured out the hitbox for guns when you pick them up counted as the player hitbox so your hitbox would turn insanely large when you held a gun. Will fix this for a post-jam version!

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback! Yeah the feedback is lackluster due to running out of time sadly. We plan to add that to a post-jam version. Restarting bugs out the health UI, but health still works.

Thank you for checking it out and for the feedback! I agree the player feedback is awful and needs to be more. We plan on fixing the bugs for the post-jam version, may also work on the visual feedback!

Thank you for checking it out!

Nice job! Art, music and SFX were great! Controls were really smooth. Like others said the red ground was a bit much, but other than that really great job!!

Loved the lighting and atmosphere that was really well done! The surprise who is a monster and who is not is great and keeps you on your toes.

No worries, time is always the bane of games. And you learn something new each time, which is great!

Fun little game with great art assets that refer to the Yogs.

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Nice interpretation of the theme, gorgeous graphics and atmosphere. I kept looking around and seeing the big creature was really ominous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback! Balancing was done a bit late due to Santa taking a lot of time to work properly, sorry for the guns feeling a bit wonky!

The digging was done really well! Had to look up how to dig at first, but after that all was clear. Threw up my hands to the victory song, nice job!

Very nice looking level and effects. Fun take on the theme!

Nice writing and loved the humour in it. Controls were a bit difficult to use at first, but were better when I got used to them. Beautiful level as well!

Loved the idea and design, was a bit difficult to see what was going on at first and I had to look up the controls to figure out what to do. 

Beautiful level design and nice use of the music! Took me a while to get all the Jaffa's (notably finding the last one on the separate island) and getting on top of the last two platforms on the statue was tough, but well worth the surprise!

Nice game, loved the surprise of enemies sometimes being in the presents. Had some trouble picking up the presents that were on tables, but other than that I had no problems.

Lovely art style and music! Hitting the jumps right is a bit difficult for me. Nice job!

Nice little game, like others have said a consistent art style would've made it a lot better. But all in all a nice game!

Yeah I'm afraid we ran a little short on time when it came to balancing and we overlooked the hitboxes of the candy canes and santa's projectile. Thanks for the feedback and for checking it out!!

Time is the bane of most games, don't worry about it! The final product was great, still!

Love the music and artstyle! Nice use of Simon's voice lines too, great controls and a solid game!

Thank you for checking it out!

Exactly, especially when the game jam is being hosted by them!

Nice game! Love the sounds and voice acting, beautiful 3D graphics too. A bit confusing at first, but it was fun to explore the house with the cats.

Really like the soundtrack, fits perfectly! I like how the vision works, you can see the enemies but not directly the way towards them, well designed on that part!

Beautiful art style and the music fit really well. Really fun way to manage stuff as it is Yogscast themed. Really impressive what you all made in 48 hours!!

Nice interpretation of the theme. Santa looks a bit scary, but it fits really well!

Definitely agree with all of this, loved it as well!

Gameplay is really nice, impressive level generator and I loved the surprise at the end!

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Really solid game, love the atmosphere and models! The first time I saw the wolf I jumped a bit and he got me due to greed. Like the addition of the "sheep" button on the menu too, nice extra. This game deserves more views!!!

Interesting concept, like the creature variety.