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Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for playing. 

Upon being replaced by a new more efficient model of wood chopping robot, this robot moved deep into the woods and continued chopping wood for fun because that's what makes it happy. Some nights it dreams of increasingly hard wood chopping tasks that take longer amounts of time. 

Like what’s his back story?

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Cool game! I like how easy it is to get started. If more levels are added, this could be really fun.

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This game is really fun! Machines seems a bit OP. I accidently beat the game before figuring out what the second last machine did

If you're still interested,

I confirmed that the puzzle was solvable, and now it's been reset. A hint for the current version of the puzzle is the answer starts with "2941682...". You can see the most recent correct solution I submitted by looking at this issue: and you can see the previous puzzle by looking at the commit history of this repo:

I can give more hints if needed. No one but me (the designer) has ever solved this before, but I feel that the puzzle mechanic is not too complex.

I’ll take a look at it soon, and let you know


Sure, I’d love to join!

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Awesome game! I got used to the controls much faster than I thought, but the difficulty of basic jumping and shooting made the game much more engaging than a typical platformer!

One note, I had a pretty hard time sliding under the sword in the first level. I found I would still get hit by the sword unless I slid at the exact right spot. Also, the font color is a bit hard to read.

Good artwork and sound!

Also, the final level is really challenging and fun

Thanks for playing, we’ll check out your game for sure!

Really enjoyed that game! So inspirational!!