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So i tried to find all the secrets but eventually i gave up trying to find the last one D:

Fun demo, it's a good twist to have guns in Mario. I just wish i could have driven the car!

Finally got around to play it, the translation is so broken but the game itself is hilarious! I'd like to see more of this project.

Finally took a look at Haremon, i have to say it is an interesting concept and the art is good. I also found it funny being able to rename the girls

Been following the progress of the game for so long now and i really like how everything turned out so far.

Took a look at the latest update and i suspect plot twist!

Here's a few more episodes recorded on the latest build. Lots of Monsters to enjoy.

Still loving this game, here's a few more episodes i've recorded over the last weeks!

Part 2 of the Prologue, there's some cool new additions to the game.

Continuing the series as i now take a look at the Prologue!

Really excited about this game as i'm a huge fan of the witcher series, the story in this VN is really good.

Funny game, the krab's sorta ragdoll is weird though xD.

Nearly forgot to share this here, i'm doing a series on this Harem adventure.

More like i'm having my third crisis!
Nonetheless, quality rpg right there.

Really funny car physics. Any game where i can drift is a good game!

I know i'm late to the party and probably should have played this game before the others but it's still a great experience, i really enjoyed it!

The soviets don't kill you my friend! But fun concept, i imagine this is 100% how heaven and hell works xD

Welp, i was scared the whole time but luckly no jumpscare! This story is very emotional, somewhat the circle of life. Thanks for reaching out to me, it's really well put together, looking forward to your next games!

I find this extremely relaxing, made a let's play on it. Looking forward to more content like this!

Meant to play this earlier, only got time to play it recently.

It really gave me the creeps and that moment when i realized what was going on in the cabin was very emotional. I really enjoyed this little game, so simple and yet makes you reflect on life.

i never thought i would be escaping the police as a shark, this sure is a fun little game!

All that chaos and weird physics makes this game fun as hell!

It feels like this game was way too short, non the less still a fun concept!

Would love to have a co op mode where there would be traffic, 1 player drives the van avoiding the traffic and the other delivers. Just an idea. Loved the game nonetheless!

Damn, failed right away, this concept is really interesting though, i wonder if you could make a full game around this!

That kid is really annoying, I DON'T WANNA PLAY WITH HIM! REEEEEEEE

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Currently making a full playthrough of the demo, i find it hilarious af. Apparently everyone just wants to abuse the main character for some reason!

I always get asked to play jump rope at the worst situations god damit!

Fuyuko Build has been released for patrons. We meet some chill girl.

I have failed to keep the secret multiple times, the Fridge would not freaking close xD

Nice little puzzle game, however the end is weird as there is no indication of such. Both final doors just stay closed.

Well, i did not expect it to be that addicting, i had tons of fun playing even though i didn't make it to the end ._.~

Art style amazing as always, i love your work. This game has an amazing atmosphere and It somewhat touched me due to the fact of losing someone recently, thanks for making this piece of art.

Short game but brilliant nonetheless!

Spongebob's horror games need to stop! JK, this wasn't that scary though!

I tried to contain myself but i get scared by such little things QQ. Still i quite enjoyed your little game :D

Story of my life ._.

Here's 2 more episodes where we meet Adeline and have a Halloween Special!

I guess it's never too late for Valentine's Day!