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ya thx for letting me know i have been told about the platform a lot and that is what i am going to fix 1st. and really appreciate you letting me know 

really thx for the feed back and i really appreciate it i was planning to add shadows to only walkables but ya it bugged out. I will continue this after the voting is over cuz i want to rate a lot of games and also try them out too. and ya i will fix the platforms 1st.

Really really thx for letting me know about these stuff i really appreciat it and i will surely play your game too i am planning to try playing out everyone's games.

Ya i was thinking of contnuing the project i am taking a break today and plan to get back to it from tomorrow. And thx for the support really appreciate it.

The idea is very unique and or feels really like a original and juts you know i just like it so that is totally why i really love the game

Thx fof actually letting me know but i kinda didn't get what you men't sorry. But it would be really nice if you could explain that to me again in simpler words

Ohh that is actually really smart and i will surely do that. And Thx for actually playing out the game and letting me know about your experience and also for the advice i really appreciate it. 

wow thx for actually playing the game and leaving some reviews to let me know i really appreciate it cuz i wasn't expecting it due to my game being off theme cuz i never finished


Umm i actually used your work in a game jam project of mine and forgot to ask for the permission i'm really sorry about that but if you do mind it i could take my work down if you do tell me to and again i'm sorry about using it without the permission and i did and your name in the creadits cuz that is the least i could do.

i kinda have a idea but don't know if adding that is possible.

what you could do is insted of just be in the voating screen they could stay around the body and maybe try finding clues for who the murderer is cuz most of the time when a body is found late it is a blind guess and there is nothing to even think about. I kinda just went through a overview of my idea if you like it and want to hear more i am free most of the time .