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keep the view behind the player in central position, don't use the mouse but just the arrows and go quick to the end... the time is just enough :)

yes agreed. The script for the camera combined with the controls is not ideal. Also the jump was supposed to allow double jump but there was a bug that I couldn't fix in time. I guess next time I will use the new input system with the Cinemachine controller

try to not move the mouse or if you move the mouse put it back the player in central position before keep moving. The way I play it is only with arrows and space to jump

The first Player Manager by Dino Dini came out in 1990 and it has the "banana kick". I'm using present tense has I'm playing it these days on A500. About the gameplay, I checked all your clones and the ball is somehow glued to the player. Kick Off and Player Manager versions made by Dino Dini with the free ball in front of the player, banana kick effects and more were on another level. Player Manager 2 Extra and other Anco versions without Dino Dini as programmer have different gameplay and not comparable.